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 Free Pickup & Drop Off

Free Pickup & Drop Off

A Free Ride to Ziplines, Bridges, Bungee, Cenote, ATVs

Door-to-Door shuttle is included in the price of the tour for hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya as far as Oasis Tulum. When you make a reservation, your tour coupon will indicate your pickup location and pickup time. You’re here for one reason, and five words:

Ziplines, Bridges, Bungee, Cenote, ATVs

So why stress out over renting a car in a foreign country? First, you'd have to review the insurance policy properly. Then you’d have to acclimate to the traffic system. And finally, you'd have to know where you're going. What if you get lost? You’ll lose precious time, and you'll probably start a squabble, with either yourself, your family, or your travel partner. Oh yeah, then there's that whole car rental payment! thing you'd have to deal with as well. So renting a car and all the hassle that comes with it, OR, using Selvatica's FREE roundtrip, air-conditioned shuttle, to and from, your hotel? The answer's pretty simple. But wait a second. Can't I just take a taxi there? The short answer is yes, you could just take a taxi there. You may be tempted to take a taxi, but let's take a look at the disadvantages of that idea. There's a high probability you're going to be charged hundreds of pesos (at least 15 bucks) just to get there. If not, more. But most importantly, some taxis don't have AC. Why arrive saturated in your own sweat? Save that for the Ziplines, Bridges, Bungee, Cenote, ATVs! Arrive Dry. Arrive on time. Arrive for free. Take advantage of our free roundtrip shuttle service today!