Selvatica + Dolphinaris

Selvatica and Dolphinaris 

DAY 1: An incredible Swim with dolphins! at Dolphinaris Are you ready for the adventure? Are you ready for Selvatica and Dolphinaris? Swim and interact with this amazing marine mammals, live a lifetime experience swimming with the dolphins in the most thrilling program, in which you will experience a magical encounter with two dolphins. Be amused with the stunning Dorsal Ride and Foot Push behaviors: Foot Push: Feel the strength and speed of two dolphins pushing you by the feet to make you fly like ‘superman’ over the water. Dorsal Ride: Swim along with two dolphins in a ride of high speed across our ocean water lagoons holding their dorsal fins. DAY 2: Selvatica Canopy Extreme Adventure! Extreme Canopy Adventure take it to the next level and let’s pump it up to EXTREME! When fast is not fast enough and high is still not high enough and long is just not long enough… then get ready to experience “EXTREME” where you will have the “ride of your life” on the fastest, highest and longest zip lines. After your white knuckle adventure and your adrenaline has returned to normal, it’s time to jump aboard the army truck and go deep into jungle to visit the emerald green waters of your very own cenote. Relax, swim and zipline some more in the refreshing waters of the jungle. Finish your adventure with a snack and soda (or bottled water) back at the Visitor Welcome Center. Selvatica is the best adventure park in Latin America. Dolphinaris is the best dolphinarium in Mexico. Selvatica and Dolphinaris = A Can’t Miss Promotion!  
Selvatica - hojas de página selvatica en la riviera maya