The Top 10 Craziest Things to Do in Cancun

Selvatica Presents: The Top 10 Craziest Things to Do in Cancun

tarzania craziest things to do

Having some Corona’s or Margaritas under the sun is fun. But there’s one obvious problem with that.

Drinking will only lead to memory loss. You want to be able to remember the crazy things you do in Cancun, right?

If you really want the craziest things to do in Cancun you need to think about outdoor extreme activities.


There are two main reasons for this.

  1. Cancun has outdoor extreme activities you can’t find elsewhere in the world—and at very affordable prices as well.
  2. These are the memories that will last your lifetime. (isn’t that what vacations are all about?)

On board with me so far?


Now let’s examine the 10 Craziest Things to do in Cancun.

1.      Bungee Swing (Click here for tour details)

bungee swing craziest things

Can you do it? Can you override your brain’s self-protection system and simply jump off the ledge?

Not everyone can. They think they can…until they look down. Before they know it, it’s been a few seconds. Now your self-protection system is firmly in control.

It’s saying “ummm…yeah…we’re not doing that. That’s a long way down, and we’re just safer up here, so we’ll pass on this. Thank you anyways though.”

But if you are able to make the jump…wow! What a rush!

Come to Selvatica and try the unique bungee swing today!

2.      Skydiving


You’ve been thinking about it your whole life. And what better place to try skydiving, than in Cancun.

You get to look down and see all the different shades of green and blue in the sea. It truly is a sight to behold.

See Cancun from a different vantage point and live out a lifelong dream!

3.      Human Roller-Coaster (Click here for tour details)

tarzania craziest things to do

Is it a zipline? Is it a roller-coaster? The answer is…it’s both!

Ziplines only go down. Never sideways or up and then down.

Roller-coasters are done with other people in a cart. They’re never done 100% solo.

That’s what makes the Human Roller-Coaster, Tarzania, such a one-of-a-kind extreme activity. It puts you in the center of all the madness. YOU are the roller-coaster.

Try the 1 and Only Human Roller-Coaster, Tarzania, at Selvatica!

4.      Superman Face-First Zipline (Click here for tour details)

superman craziest things to do

Have you ever flown like superman before? Well, unless you’re some sort of X-Men like mutant, the answer is an obvious no.

For regular non-superhuman people, there’s the Superman Zipline.

You fly, face-first, through the air, just like…yup. You guessed it. SUPERMAN!

Fly like Superman at Selvatica Park Today!

5.      Bull-Shark Dives

Most people are afraid of sharks. Others are fascinated by these dangerous creatures.

If you have the guts, there are bull-shark dives offered in many places in Cancun.

See Jaws up, close and personal with a bull-shark dive in Cancun

6.      Jetboat Adventure

jetboat adventure - the most extreme things to do in cancun

Do you know what a jetboat is? To put it simply, it’s the rollercoaster of the sea.

It will do 360 degree spins. It’ll wave hop. It’ll even do a kamikaze dive into the water, submerging the whole bow.

Try the Roller Coaster of the Sea, with a Jetboat Adventure in Cancun.

7.      Cenote Splash Zipline

cenote zipline craziest things to do

What’s better? A cenote, or the zipline? How about a zipline INTO a cenote?

Want to up the ante? Try doing a flip as you let go of the zipline and make a big splash!

Try the Cenote Splash Zipline at Selvatica Park!

8.      Kite-Surfing

Ok. So there aren’t 40-foot waves in Cancun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wild time surfing.

All you need is a kite-surf!

Surprise yourself at how fast kite-surfing can be in Cancun!

9.      Sky-Walk Bridges (Click here for more tour details)

skywalk craziest things to do

Do you have a fear of heights? Does being agile at altitude give you the creeps?

Then conquer your fears by traversing across a SkyWalk bridge at Selvatica!

These hanging aerial bridges will put your mettle to the test.

Say goodbye to your fear of heights by conquering the SkyWalk bridges at Selvatica!

10.  ATV Jungle Tour (Click here for more tour details)

getting muddy while offroading at selvatica in cancun- the perfect cancun jungle tour

Do you want to feel like a kid again? Don’t mind getting dirty & muddy in the name of entertainment?

Then you have to try riding a Polaris ATV through jungle!

Grip the handle bars, and rip through the wet mud. Here’s your chance to simply let loose.

And don’t worry about losing control. It’s a Polaris!

Break all the rules and go ATVing in the jungle on a Polaris at Selvatica!

Top Ten Cenotes in the Riviera Maya

(Author’s Note: If you want to read the updated + improved 2017 version “Top 20 Cenotes in the Riviera Maya” (including pictures + videos) click here.)

Everyone wants to know where the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya are.

Each cenote has its own distinct personality that lures you into it. I have yet to travel to any two cenote’s that were completely identical. Let’s take a look at the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya to find out what makes each of them unique:

(For a better understanding of what a cenote is, and why tourists love it, check out our previous “What is a Cenote” explanatory article here)

 1. Cenote Selvatica (Playa del Carmen/Cancun)     

Here your chance to chase adventure and get rough and dirty at Latin America’s number one, tourist rated adventure park, Selvatica.

  • Fly face-front on a zipline
  • Rip through the jungle on tough Polaris ATV
  • Bungee Swing off a ledge
  • Check your sense of balance on our wobbling, hanging aerial bridges

Your reward at the end of this great series of challenging adventures? Your chance to refresh and reset at Cenote Selvatica. You’ll feel reborn with vigor and ready to head to whatever’s next.


2. Casa Cenote (Tulum)

This cenote is separated from the ocean by a small strip of land. Instead of the many circled cenotes, Casa Cenote features a long canal that winds away from the ocean.

When the sun is shining, its crystal clear waters allow you to see—with impressive clarity—all the way to the bottom. Many times, the bottom looks so near, it appears to be in near reach of your toes. When you attempt to touch with your hands, you’re amazed to realize its actually twice as deep as your eyes perceive it to be.

3. Cenote Azul (Playa del Carmen)

This is a small and cozy cenote. It has a cave, but it’s not large. Above the cave, people can dive off an approximately 12-foot ledge into the deep cenote. Even though it’s in a somewhat of a confined area, it’s the perfect place to entertain the whole family.

4. Cenote Azul (Bacalar)

From an aerial perspective, this cenote looks very similar to Belize’ world famous, blue hole. It’s an impressively massive cenote in diameter. Despite its enormity, however, most people tend to congregate together near the entrance’s shore.

5. Cenote Zacil-ha (Tulum)

This small cenote has a lot of open space surrounding it. This leaves room for permanent chairs, tables, and shade-providing umbrellas. The most unique aspect of this cenote, however, is the short zipline they installed over it. Have the lifeguard clear the way for you, put on a lifejacket, jump off and hold on to the handle. Fly the through the air before letting go at a predetermined spot in the cenote. Rinse and repeat as many times as you wish.

6. Ek Balam Cenote (Valladolid)

After visiting the Mayan Ruins of Ek Balam, go visit its eponymous and beautiful cenote, Ek Balam Cenote. One feature you won’t elsewhere is the impressively tall wooden staircase along the cenotes side. If you dare, climb up and jump several yards down into the cenote.

7. Cenote Ik Kil (Chichen Itza/Valladolid)

First, visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza. Then, travel about a mile and half toward Cenote Ik Kil. Revitalize yourself in a majestic cenote idolized by the Mayans.

8. Gran Cenote (Tulum)

As the name suggests (in Spanish), this is a large and popular cenote. Google the diving pictures taken there, and be prepared to be awestruck. You can be sure, the pictures are so spectacularly majestic they’re enough motivation to visit in and of themselves.

9. Cenote Dos Ojos (Playa del Carmen/Tulum)

Cenote Dos Ojos (meaning two eyes in Spanish) is connected to one of the top 10 longest underwater cave systems in the world. It contains the deepest known cave passage in Quintana Roo with a depth of nearly 400 feet.
It was featured in the IMAX film of 2002, Journey Into Amazing Caves.

10. Cenote Samula (Valladolid)

In what appears to be a scene from James Cameron’s Avatar, Cenote Samula has an Alamo tree extending its roots from several yards above, into the cenote for hydration. The rare and impressive vista of hanging roots entering into the cenote is a sight to behold.

There you have it! That’s our guide to enjoying the top ten cenotes in the Riviera Maya! Have fun!

What is a Cenote?

Selvatica is Latin America’s number one adventure park.

This isn’t a marketing slogan. This is reflective of thousands of peer reviews from Trip Advisor. The results are in. Selvatica is Cancun’s number one outdoor activity—for several consecutive years now.

What makes Selvatica so great?

Well first off, no one does adventure like we do. Whether it’s our blazing ziplines over the Mayan jungle canopy, or our badass Polaris ATV ripping its way through the muddy terrain, we know what will get your heart pumping. We know adrenaline.

But part of what makes us unique is how we culminate the experience. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish right? We make sure that everyone who takes part in our wide variety of adventures available—don’t forget about our wild bungee swing—leaves feeling refreshed, revitalized, and reborn.

What’s our secret?

In a word: Mother-Nature. Think of it like this…

we have our own fountain of youth, right here on the property. It’s called, a cenote.

Now before you look at a dictionary definition of a cenote (believe me, this will only make things more confusing), allow us to explain what a cenote is, and why it’s the perfect finale to an amazing outdoor adventure in Cancun.

What is a Cenote?

Every year, millions of tourists flock to The Riviera Maya to swim and dive in its hundreds of crystal clear, freshwater swimming areas called cenotes. The word ‘cenote’ originates from the Yucatec Maya, meaning ‘ts’onot’, or ‘any location with accessible groundwater’.

Cenotes are sinkholes that develop over millions of years. In a nutshell, a cenote is the result of acidic water collapsing the limestone bedrock and uniting the top body of water with groundwater. In a sense, all cenotes are fundamentally united.

Mayan History

Centuries earlier, the Mayans reigned supreme in the Yucatan by relying on cenotes as their primary source of water. Unlike other great civilizations that depended on a network of above-ground river systems, the Mayans used a subterranean network of access points connected to groundwater. They also viewed cenotes as a portal to communicate with their gods, Chac, and Xibalba; the god of rain and the Mayan mythical underworld, respectively.

American Misperception

Some American’s may be wondering, as I originally did: why on earth would I want to willingly swim in an acknowledged sinkhole?

Growing up in Florida, I viewed sinkholes as your worst enemy. It has destroyed many homes insidiously, over the course of a decade. Some, overnight. Just a few years ago, a 37-year-old man in Florida was swallowed alive in his sleep by a sinkhole.

However, there remains a BIG fundamental difference between a Florida sinkhole and a Riviera Maya cenote.

The difference is, Florida sinkholes have a top layer of sand and clay. Most of the time, this top layer has held up. Other times, it has crumbled. Those are the times you hear about on the news.

Mayan Reality

In the Riviera Maya however, the collapse has already taken place long ago. There is ZERO inherent risk of collapse like there is with Florida sinkholes. With cenotes, the water gets ultra-filtered through the ground, removing any particle that would leave the water looking murky.

All that remains is a fun and safe freshwater swimming area with shockingly crystal clear clarity and brilliantly beautiful turquoise blue water. Also, due to its lack of salinity, you won’t have to worry about irritated eyes or salinized hair or swimwear.

Selvatica’s Farewell Gift

Now that you have a better understanding of what a cenote is, I want you to picture this.

    • You’ve soared through the air like superman on our ziplines.
    • You’ve boldly jumped on our bungee swing.
    • You’ve tested your agility on our wobbly hanging aerial bridges.
    • And finally, you’ve flung mud in every direction with our fearsome Polaris ATV.

You’re sweaty. You’re muddy. You’re tired. Is this how you want to enter the bus?

Of course not. Allow us to present the perfect solution: Selvatica’s cenote.

Jump in our very own fountain of youth, and become reborn.
Swim in crystal clear water and connect with a reinvigorating force of nature.
Words can’t describe how amazingly refreshed you’ll feel when you come out of the water.
There’s no better climax to a wild day of adventure.

Go Wild. Get Dirty. Have Fun…then

Jump in. Get Wet. Be Reborn.

This is the Selvatica Experience.

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