A Unique Christmas at the Best Adventure Park in Cancun.

Christmas is about creating wonderful memories and celebrating with our loved ones. Why not make it even better and create a new family tradition?! If you’re looking for a unique way to experience this Christmas then visit Selvatica, the BEST adventure park in Cancun…

But what makes Selvatica so unique? Why spend Christmas at Selvatica? Here’s why:

1. Ditch the Cold Weather:

If you’re sick of having to stay at home in winter because it’s too cold outside, you MUST come to Cancun. Skip the slopes, and bury your feet in the silky, smooth Caribbean sand! Although Selvatica is located in the jungle, the beaches aren’t far away, and transportation rates are very accessible. Also after visiting Selvatica, you can go to Ventura Park, the one and only Water and Amusement Park in Cancun. With 5 different worlds, the fun will never End.

Snowman in Cancun

2. Relieve Stress!

It’s vacation time… We often get so carried away with our day to day stress, that even when we are on vacation that stress follows us everywhere we go! Now is your chance to unwind and let go of that stress… With Selvatica’s green and eco-friendly atmosphere you’ll definitely release your worries and finally, take a deep breath!

It is proven that green is a color that attracts harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety and help us stay calm and refreshed. Therefore, being in the middle of the jungle is surely going to bring you peace of mind.

Perfect place to relax in Cancun

 3. Fun, Fun and more FUN!

Did we mention that you’ll have fun?! Something your vacation needs is lots and lots of fun. Why have a boring, plain family vacation, when you can have a fun-packed adventure at Selvatica? Each activity and package includes different kinds of entertainment for each family member.

Ever dreamt of walking those wobbly bridges in adventure movies like Indiana Jones? Done. Have you wondered what flying feels like? Done.

There is never a dull moment in Selvatica, which is one of the reasons why it is the best adventure park in Cancun… come see for yourself!


4. More than Just an Adventure Park

Selvatica is not your typical adventure park. Selvatica is a whole experience, full of thrilling moments, and never-ending fun! From the moment you set foot in the jungle to the moment you hop on your car to leave, Selvatica has you on your toes.

Not only is the atmosphere 100% natural, and the park is committed to saving the planet (big bonus points!), but the service is extraordinary. Each and every one of the employees are passionate about giving you the experience of a lifetime. You’ll leave satisfied and with a smile on your face.

Flying above the jungle in Cancun

5. Pay little, get a LOT

You’ll never have to worry about getting less than what you’re paying for at Selvatica. Enjoy a day full of exciting activities with your family this Christmas for great, accessible prices! Your visit to Selvatica is definitely worth every last penny, as we are proud to be called the #1 Adventure park of Cancun by TripAdvisor!

We assure you that you will have an amazing time with us. Don’t forget to check out our promotions each month, to get unbelievable discounts!

We hope to see you soon, happy holidays!

Gimme All Tour at Selvatica


5 Inspiring Reasons to Go Off-Roading in Cancun at Selvatica

Atv at selvatica Cancun

Off-Roading in Cancun

You’re coming to Cancun, and you’re wondering, “are there any cool things to do in Cancun?”.

You know? Not just the white-sanded beaches where everyone drinks coronas and margaritas.

But instead…something bold and adventurous. Something that’ll get your heart pumping.

Am I right?

Well, don’t worry. By the end of this article, you’ll know EXACTLY which adventure to pursue.

We’re going to go through 5 inspiring reasons to go off-roading in Cancun in Cancun at Selvatica.


Let’s do this!

5 Inspiring Reasons to Go Off-Roading in Cancun at Selvatica

1.      Feel like a Kid Again!

getting muddy while offroading at selvatica in cancun

Recess is now in session!

Permission to return to your childhood and feel like a kid again GRANTED.

Remember that? Remember when you had no real responsibilities? When you’re only true goal in life was having fun?

That’s what off-roading in Cancun gives you…

Freedom to feel like a kid again and just HAVE FUN.

2.      Dude it’s not just an ATV…It’s a Polaris!

Atv polaris in the middle of the jungle.

This is no ordinary ATV…

This is a 4WD Polaris ATV.

What’s the difference?

With a Polaris 4WD ATV you get…

  • The smoothest, most responsive electronic power steering on the market
  • Enough ground clearance to navigate over any terrain
  • Stunning suspension that absorbs every bump effortlessly
  • Non-slip traction that provides for ‘point-and-shoot-handling’

There simply is no other comparison. Don’t just go off-roading in Cancun.

Ride a 4WD Polaris ATV!

3.      Tap into your Primal Self and Return to the Jungle

Dust polaris atv in the jungle.

Life is about adventure and Cancun is the land of adventure.

What a beautiful pairing huh?

This is your chance to return to your primal self.

Remember, the jungle is our original home. Tap into millions of years of DNA.

Release your inner-animal and understand what it’s like to be truly alive.

That’s what off-roading in Cancun will do to you.

4.      No Such thing as “Bad Weather” for ATVs

getting muddy while offroading at selvatica in cancun

“Oh, no it’s going to rain!” is usually what you hear before your vacation day is ruined.

All that time. All that money. GONE!

But with ATVs in Cancun?

COMPLETE opposite. It’s more like, “Woo-hoo!!! It’s going to rain!”.

You see…rain means mud. And mud means you’re going to have one heck of a wild adventure.

It all comes down to this…

Taking an ATV tour in Cancun is the only activity that gets BETTER when it rains.

5.      Selvatica is Cancun’s #1 Outdoor Activity on Trip Advisor

Selvatica Trip Advisor - offroading in cancun

            User Reviews:

Trip Advisor


Google Map

As you can see above…Selvatica is Cancun’s #1 Outdoor Activity. Virtually everyone gives us 5 out of 5 stars.

Take a look at a typical review left a few days ago:

That’s what’s at stake when you come to Selvatica.

So why don’t you have the best part of your vacation and go off-roading in Cancun at Selvatica?

That was our 5 Inspiring Reasons to Go Off-Roading in Cancun at Selvatica article. How did we do? Did we miss anything?

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The CRAZY Bungee-Zipline-ATV-Cenote Cancun Jungle Adventure!

The Same Tired Routine

Are you bored?

Think about it. It’s the same routine every day.

Alarm goes off. You take a shower. Eat breakfast (if you’re lucky). Head to work all day. Get stressed. Come home. Make dinner for the family. (Scratch that. You’re too tired to make dinner.) So you call Chinese take-out.

Put on the news. Shake your head at the nonsense. Watch a TV show.  Put the kids to bed. Yawn. Head to bed.

And do the exact same thing tomorrow.

And the day after. And the day after that.

The weekends? Well…they’re not much better. Sure. You’re off of work, and that’s great. But you’ve already gone to all the bars and restaurants downtown.

And let’s face it…there was never really much to do downtown anyways. How many weekends in a row can you go bowling?

The Big City…Yikes

You’ve thought about packing your bags and heading to the big city. That’s where everyone else goes when they’re bored. And sure…there are lots of things to do in the big city. No doubt about that.

But still…it’s a big city.

And with big cities come big crowds of people. Usually in very tight spaces. And we all know what happens when you pack tons of people in small spaces. People get edgy. Heck, you may even call it rude.

You’ve gone to the big city before. You felt cramped. No. You felt downright claustrophobic. Nobody said ‘thank you’ or ‘please’. It’s just a different world than what you’re used to.

Selvatica Adventure Park in Cancun

Isn’t there a place to go, that’s exciting AND not the big city?

You know…some magical place that brings the best of both worlds?

And then you remember Mike from the office. You overheard him the other day talking about his crazy adventure in Cancun, Mexico. Ziplines you heard him say. Didn’t he also say “ATV’s in the mud”?

Wow. Ziplining in Cancun! Now THAT would be an adventure of a lifetime, you think to yourself. In fact…a crazy jungle adventure in Cancun may be just what you need to wake yourself up from sleepwalking through life.

So you look for tickets to Cancun. Wow. Are they really that cheap? Then you look at Trip Advisor. You find Cancun, and then Outdoor Activities.

 Trip Advisor Reviews on Selvatica


You say to yourself “let’s go with the #1 outdoor activity in Cancun, Selvatica”.

You start reading all of the reviews. Soon…you realize a pattern. You start to see that there are a lot of people, just like you, who have visited Selvatica before.

You see a review from Tiffany Mitchell Reeves, 45, from Baldwin City, California:
We had the best time…our guide couldn’t have been more fun if he tried. The whole staff was wonderful!!! Would highly recommend this excursion!!!”

Then you see another review from Stacy Raymond Brule, 43, from Jordan, Michigan:

We absolutely loved Selvatica. It is well worth the money, Staff was excellent and very friendly and helpful. We will definitely visit again. so much fun!!!! My 12-year-old was a little nervous about jumping and doing superman and they encouraged him and he tried everything. This was a highlight of our trip. Absolutely awesome. If I could give more than 5 stars I would give them the highest possible”

That’s all you need to read. “Selvatica…was the highlight of our trip” . So now you’re interested and you go to the Selvatica website.


You see the Gimme All Package. It has EVERYTHING you need to have the ultimate outdoor adventure in Cancun.

Bungees, Ziplines, ATVs, and Cenotes—all in the Cancun Jungle! How do you say no to that?

You decide right then and there. You book the Gimme All Package.

You’re so proud, you show everyone at work. Before you know it, someone looks on Youtube for video examples of each activity.





The crazy bungee and zipline at selvatica

Whoa! After that, two more people at the office decide to join in!

They’re calling it “The CRAZY Bungee-Zipline-ATV-Cenote Cancun Jungle Adventure”.

The best part? Rick from New York City said “wish we had stuff like that back home”. If you can make the big city peeps jealous, you know you’re vacationing somewhere awesome.

You’ve got your ticket to Cancun. You’ve booked Selvatica’s Gimme All package.

Now you’re wondering…what do I do before ziplining in Cancun?

Bungee Jumping in Cancun? Try the MIND-BLOWING Bungee Swing!

What type of person are you? Do you step up to the plate? Or do you step back and chicken out?

Still not sure? Why not take the ultimate test of adrenaline? Find out once and for all.

So are you in or out? Awesome!

Ok. Let’s do this then. Here’s what you had to do. Go online to your favorite airline and check for tickets to Cancun. Who knows? Maybe try an aggregator site that lets you compare many different airline prices…you know? Like Kayak or something.

You see? Not as expensive as you expected huh? Well, get used to that feeling. Cancun is the king of great value. Not only that, though…

Cancun is the king of adventure.

And that’s what we’re going to find out. We’re going to find out if you can handle Cancun’s best extreme adventures. Still game? Good.

So get your passport. Bring your go-pro. And here’s a tip. Don’t forget your bathing suit (we’ll get to that later.) Most important of all? Bring a winning spirit!

Remember…once you get to Cancun…we’re going to see what you’re made of

Great! Now that you’ve arrived, let’s get things going…in OVERDRIVE.

All you have to is climb the stairs. Now that we’re up here, there are 2 ways down. First way down, is walking back down the stairs (BORING!).

But there is a second way. You can strap on…and go bungee jumping in Cancun!

Having second thoughts huh? Oh, come on! You didn’t travel all this way to walk down a flight of stairs right?

The bungee jump swim at selvatica

Here’s some advice

Take 3 long deep breaths. Release slowly. Then turn around—without thinking—just jump!

Whoa! Do you realize you just went bungee jumping in Cancun? Great job! And guess what? We have it on camera so you can relive it again and again.

Admit it. TOTALLY worth it to come to Cancun just for that one moment right?

But it gets even better than that. Because here at Selvatica Adventure Park, the fun is just beginning.

Here are 3 other adventures for you to conquer (now that you’re here and all.)
1.       Jungle ATVs like a Polaris!

If you haven’t heard…a Polaris ATV is not just any regular ATV. It has the most insane suspension you’ve ever felt.

What does that mean for you?

It means when you see that jungle pothole; you don’t swerve. You hit the pedal to the metal. The tight curve coming up? Don’t worry. You got this.

Remember…its a Polaris ATV we’re talking about. (I just feel bad for the jungle mud.)


Atv polaris at selvatica mud madness

2.- 5 Different Types of Zipline

Yup. Count’em yourself. There are 5 ziplines just waiting for you.

Now you see, most people think all ziplines are the same. Nope. Each one features something unique. Some are more intense than others.

Ready to take on all 5 ziplines, no matter what?

For now, let’s go through them all.

First, you have the classic, glove-controlled zipline.

Then it’s the Superman zipline. After that, you have the upside down zipline. Let’s not forget the INSANE Tarzania…that’s like a human roller-coaster (but actually a zipline).

Then there’s one more zipline…which brings us to our last adventure…

3.       A Refreshing Cenote to Cap everything off

After all, that adventure, you’re going to need to clean yourself off. Let’s just say, mud-flinging fun has a price. (It’s called cleanliness.)

But what are you going to do? Take a shower?

Come on. We’re in the jungle. Land of adventure.

Here, we dive into a cenote…straight from a zipline no, less. It’s the way of the jungle.

And if you can make it to the end, consider yourself part of the tribe. The Selvatica Tribe.

So could you do it? Could you make it to the end, no hiccups? Imagine putting check marks on half your bucket list!

Isn’t that vacations are all about?

Find out if you have what it takes to go bungee jumping in Cancun…and conquer every other awesome outdoor adventure Selvatica has to offer(but especially bungee jumping in Cancun!).