The Only 100% Natural Park in Cancun: Selvatica

The Caribbean is full of wonderful destinations and extremely fun parks/activities. There is a wide variety of sinkholes, ancient ruins, and nature or adventure parks. NATURE PARKS should have to do with being eco-friendly, sustainable, and other aspects related to caring for planet Earth, right? Well, over the past years this term has become very unclear and flexible, so most parks don’t actually qualify to be a REAL Nature Park. That is where Selvatica comes in, being the only 100% Natural Park in Cancun.

Guilt-Free Natural Park

Usually, when talking about guilt-free anything, the most common topics revol ve around: guilt-free snacks, guilt-free brands that support minorities and good causes, etc.

Selvatica supports charities through amazing programs like the Helping Hands program, that contributes to society by giving hope to the lives of the impoverished youth, or the Seed of Life program that we’ll mention in a bit.

However, there is another kind of guilt-free that not everyone is talking about, although they should: Guilt-Free Natural Parks. “But HOW can a natural park be guilt-free?” Here is how:

Mindless fun is not fun.

La escuelita foundation

When thinking about spending your money and time on an amusement park or an adventure park, you go with a “live in the moment” mindset, right? What would you think if I told you that the fun you are having is actually going to bite you back later on? You’d probably say I’m crazy, but hang in there, I will explain it all to you.

As I said above, mindless fun is NOT FUN. And by mindless fun, I mean many things such as not caring about safety or not following instructions, to not knowing about the place you are visiting and what their values are. Know that I wasn’t born knowing this, and I don’t expect you to have been either, but in this technology era, we tend to forget how easy educating ourselves on ANY topic can be!

I know that the last thing that ever crosses your mind before visiting your vacation destination is “Oh, let me search for the company’s values or if what they claim is more than just words”. I get it. But it is soooo easy, that in just one click you can get hundreds of thousands of pages with articles like this one, that can open your eyes.

Not everything is what it seems


The term Natural Park has become blurry and unclear, many claims being authentic whilst knowing that it is not entirely true. Selvatica wants to be transparent with its clients, and we back up our words with the ONLY important thing here: actions!

For starters, when you come to visit us, the atmosphere is pretty obvious and hard to not feel drawn to. You can hear the animals and critters as you drive on our pathway through Puerto Morelos’ jungle, and you might even spot some cool exotic animals!

Selvatica has strived for excellence from day one and promised to take care of our planet Earth, trying to preserve all of its beauty. We don’t expect you to believe that the road you drive on was there when we started building, but you will see for yourself how our forest is almost 100% virgin.

We achieved the latter by carefully planning our building so that the least amount of trees are torn down, AND we have the Seed of Life Program.
The Seed of Life program has planted over 300,000 trees!

Be mindful, and choose right. The planet and its people’s wellbeing are in our hands.


7 Things You Should Know About The Weather in Playa del Carmen

Understandably,  just before any traveler embarks on their trip the last thing they do is check the weather in Playa del Carmen.

Weather forecasts are one of Google’s most popular searches, however, the results are definitely more accurate in some parts of the world than others.

When booking any tropical vacation you pray that the weather will be good because for many people it makes or breaks the vacation.

While that is almost guaranteed to some extent here in Playa del Carmen, it’s always good to brush up on the facts before visiting so you can plan ahead.

Cancun and Playa del Carmen Beaches

Rest assured that when you come to Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya you’ll have your fair share of sun, ocean breeze, tropical heat, and perhaps the occasional shower.

The average figure for this region of Mexico is 300 days of glorious sunshine a year!

Not bad. 😉

That’s why depending on your personal preferences, there may be better times to book your vacation than others.

Because of the Caribbean’s global positioning, the weather here is subject to change very quickly that’s why we feel there are some things you need to know about the weather in Playa del Carmen to help you plan your next trip more efficiently.

1. The Weather in Playa del Carmen is VERY Hot and Humid.

The tropical Caribbean is a highly popular vacation destination because of the warm balmy temperatures that are apparent all year around.

Be sure to bring ample amounts of sunscreen, you’re going to need it!

Generally, the year is divided up into two seasons. Rainy season (October to April), and dry season (May to October).

However, the highest temperatures often occur anywhere between March or April until October.

Snorkeling in the Playa Del Carmen beaches

The months with the most rainfall are usually September and October with cooler temperatures becoming more noticeable particularly in the morning and evenings around that time.

However, in recent years it’s becoming harder and harder to define the new normal, particularly in the Caribbean.

Many researchers believe that this is largely due to global warming.

Average Low and High Temperatures in Playa del Carmen per Month (in Fahrenheit):

  • January – 61/82
  • February – 62/86
  • March – 64/88
  • April – 66/89
  • May – 71/93
  • June – 73/90
  • July – 72/90
  • August – 72/90
  • September – 70/89
  • October – 68/88
  • November – 64/84
  • December – 64/84

The monthly rainfall is less than 2 inches per month except during the month of May through to October where it can be anywhere between 6-8 inches.

Playa del Carmen is almost always humid, this makes it feel even hotter than it already is particularly from March/April through September/October.

Playa Del Carmen Beach Club

Remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water each day, particularly if you have had a heavy night drinking.

2. When it Rains it Pours

Yes, a ‘shower’ in Playa del Carmen usually does mean a heavy downpour.

Fear not!

When the dramatic skies appear and gloomy clouds hang over our beautiful shorelines, 9 times out of 10 it is extremely fleeting.

Due to the favorable winds in this region, a storm usually passes by as quickly as it arrives.

weather forecast playa del carmen


If the forecast predicts it’s going to be raining the entire time during your vacation, do not be fooled, it will likely return to glorious sunshine very quickly after a shower.

Which mean that you can quickly get back to topping your tan up.

3. What to Do When it Rains or There is Seaweed

Rain are seaweed are the least desirable elements for a beach vacation.

However, mother nature is a force to be reckoned with and we can’t control it. What we can control is the quality of your vacation regardless of these factors.

Seeweed in the caribbean beaches

The truth is, however, no matter what time of year you come it’s always possible that you have a bad beach day (or two or three).

Luckily, Playa del Carmen is home to an array of other fascinating eco-systems that you can enjoy come rain or sun!

These include the jungle, and the wondrous underground cenotes unique to this part of the world.

On a rainy day our top recommendations would be:

1. Selvatica

Tripadvisor’s number 1 outdoor activity is an adventure that can be enjoyed whenever the weather.

In my experience, I would argue that it is even more enjoyable in the rain!

Ziplining while it rains in Playa del Carmen


What’s more fun than gripping and ripping it with a kickass Polaris ATV?

Racing in the rain, that’s what!

Prepare to get down and dirty because when it rains here in Playa del Carmen that’s not enough to stop us!

When you’re behind the wheel of an exhilarating Polaris ATV it makes the experience even more memorable.

These state-of-the-art vehicles were specifically designed for this terrain!

Riding a Polaris or ATV in Playa Del Carmen

Petrol heads should rejoice at the sight of rain but we bet you’ve never experienced suspension this good.

Selvatica is encapsulated by wild jungle, so sling some mud, let loose, you’re on vacation after all!

The Mayan jungle was made for this!

Not only is the rain the perfect antidote to the hot sticky weather, you can enjoy the way it feels on your skin as you fly like a bird down the parks 10 circuit zip lines.

Forget your conventional ziplines Selvatica boasts some of the most thrilling and innovative engineering designs in the world.

At the attraction, you get to enjoy not 1 but 5 types of zip line! 

These include:

  1. Tarzania – AKA the human rollercoaster.
  2. Superflight – fly like a superhero!
  3. Glove Control – control your own speed with your hand.
  4. Upside Down  – see the jungle from a completely new perspective.
  5. Cenote Splash – plunge yourself into the water and prepare to make a splash!

Dip into a cenote


Book today and SAVE BIG! 

2. Visit a Wellness Spa / Get a Massage

When on vacation you should be relaxing and enjoying life as much as possible and the rain shouldn’t interfere with this.

Bric Spa is a favorite of both locals and tourists for a reason.

All their products are 100% natural. 

They use ingredients from their very own garden that have been infused with aromatic oils.

Get a massage in Playa Del Carmen

Therapists here also use ancient techniques straight from Mayan culture, resulting in a totally unique massage menu.

Try a Mayan herbal massage,  Shirodhara head massage or work out all those stubborn knots with a traditional deep tissue massage.

Location – Calle 28 & 10 Avenue

3. Go See a Movie

A child-friendly option would be to go and see a movie.

Believe it or not, most movies screened in Mexico are in their original version and subtitled.

Sometimes there is nothing better than getting cozy in the cinema with all your favorite munchie and watching a great film.

The chances are that by the time it’s finished the rain will be gone! Win, win.

What to do in Playa del Carmen if it is raining

There are plenty of films to watch in either of the two movie theatres found in Playa del Carmen: Cinemex in Centro Maya, or Cinepolis in Plaza las Americas.

The options are endless, so think outside the box, do your homework, and embrace the rain!

4. Come Armed With Mosquito Repellent.

Nobody enjoys being bitten by these pesky insects.

The effects are extremely irritable and very annoying.

Thankfully, there are some very effective means to avoid and prevent them from coming into contact with your skin.

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to deterring these blood-sucking vermin.

Get mosquitos repellent


During the rainy season in Playa del Carmen, you will find that there are much more mosquitos than normal.

You will particularly notice this if your hotel is surrounded by lush tropical jungle.

In downtown Playa del Carmen, they are apparent, but not as much.

Here are our top tips to avoid being bitten:

  • Always wear insect repellent, when you’re out. Especially during dawn and dusk,  and reapply after leaving the water.

If you plan on visiting a cenote or want to go snorkeling amongst coral reefs it’s absolutely paramount that you choose a BIODEGRADABLE repellent.

The chemicals in normal repellent cause irreversible damage to the rock formations and coral reefs, not only that, but they can have ghastly effects on the marine life that live there.

As you can imagine millions of people visit Playa del Carmen every year, with so many bodies in the water over time, you can understand why this is of huge importance.

We urge you to be more eco-friendly if you care about sustaining the beautiful marine life in this area of the world.

  • Wear light colors, mosquitos have been known to be more attracted to darker colored clothing.
  • Wear pants and long-sleeve shirts when possible. Obviously, it is very hot here in Mexico so that may not be the most appealing option but mosquitos are known to target areas such as the ankles and arms.

5. Hurricanes

A natural disaster that people all over the world dread.

Yes, of course, because of the tropical conditions in this area of the world hurricanes are possible, but they are not likely. 

Another reassurance is that these days hurricanes are much more foreseeable and the advancements in technology mean that we can prevent the devastating effects much better.

Hurricane touches land in playa del carmen


Hurricane season runs from June to November for the Atlantic/Caribbean regions.

Weather patterns before and after this time hinder the development of any serious tropical storms.

We are lucky enough to live in a time where meteorologists can forecast the development of a tropical storm.

They do this by studying its growth and trajectory.

This gives time for local warnings to be issued and protection tactics to be implemented to minimize the damage.

The last time a serious hurricane happened in this region was 10 years ago. 

If you are planning to travel during hurricane season and you are a little worried just keep an eye on the National Hurricane Center‘s weather updates.

You should always purchase travel insurance but ESPECIALLY during these times as you can change your flight dates without being penalized.

Many hotels and establishments are protected with hurricane shutters and you can rest assured that the authorities and embassies will do whatever they can to ensure your safety.

Hurricane season shouldn’t be a deterrent to your travels it is just like choosing to visit at any other time of year, you will always be protected from the dangers of bad weather if you need shelter.

6. High Season in Playa del Carmen

When coming to Playa del Carmen we should note there are times of the year when it is much much busier than other.

However, due to the popularity of this city, the gap between low and high season is gradually plateauing.

That said prices do differ greatly for hotel room rates and even for some tours during the low and high seasons.

Crowd on the Playa Del Carmen 5th Avenue

So, you may want to keep this mind before booking.

  • High season: March/April, July/August and Christmas/New Year’s
  • Shoulder season: January, February, May, June
  • Low season: September, October

7. The Best Time to Visit Playa del Carmen

With a better understanding of the weather here in Playa del Carmen, you’re probably now wondering when the best time to visit is?

The truth?

All year round is a great time to travel to Playa del Carmen.

In today’s current global climate it’s virtually impossible to predict the weather.

The only thing we are certain of is that the climate is warm and balmy all year around.  

Playa Del Carmen wheater

However, if you really do want to avoid rain as much as possible avoid traveling between the months of September and October as you are likely to encounter more bad weather than normal.

Although we did note that the cooler months of November and March can sometimes see a drop in temperature, we should note that the climate will still be more than satisfactory. It’s just that gray skies and rain may occur on some of the days.

We hope you feel more informed on what to expect when you visit Playa del Carmen. Paradise awaits you!

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Why Does Selvatica Have the Best Cancun Ziplines? (2018)

You may be wondering…

Why does everyone on Trip Advisor swear: “Selvatica has the best Cancun Ziplines!”

What’s SO great about Selvatica’s zip lines?

Is it the price? Is it the location? Is it the total zip line experience?

Read further and find out!

All will be revealed in this article.

Today we will learn exactly why Selvatica has the top zip lines in Cancun!

1. Location:

How to get there with exact directions.

2. Prices:

Find out how much you can spend (& save).

3. Zipline Details:

Discover what makes Selvatica’s zip lines the best in Cancun.

4. The Staff at Selvatica

Learn why the people working here at Selvatica earn rave reviews on TripAdvisor for their incredible service.

5. Selvatica’s Social Commitment

Find out how Selvatica stays in harmony with its lush surrounding and how it betters the lives of impoverished youths.

Let’s dive in!

1. Where is Selvatica (and how do I get there)?

When booking or considering a tour on your next vacation, the first question that pops into anyone’s head is, ‘how do I get there?’.

It’s natural, especially when you are in a new and unfamiliar place. No one likes to waste time on vacation getting lost.

Fear not!

Every tour and program that Selvatica offers provides you with the option to pay for roundtrip transportation.

This means that no matter where you’re staying Selvatica will come and get you and drop you off again at your desired location.


However, if you are somewhat of an adventurist and you prefer arriving on your own, here’s how to do it.

Try  Google Map Directions to Selvatica.

Mexico, and this region of the Yucatan, in general, is fairly easy to navigate. The highways are straight and as long as you know where to get off you it’s a piece of cake.


If you’re traveling here from another country, your mobile data coverage may not be reliable here.

What to do in this case?

Don’t worry. Download these Google Maps into your phone from a Wi-Fi connection and you will be able to access them at all times.

Here are the official instructions on how to do that.

For Android click here.

For iOS click here.

Selvatica can be found in the heart of the jungle half way between Playa del Carmen and Cancun, close to Puerto Morelos.

When coming to the Caribbean it’s easy to become mesmerized by the pristine powdery white sands, and impressive hotels that dominate the coastlines but there’s an understated side of paradise that often goes unnoticed.

We believe the jungle deserves your attention!

Its lush setting provides the perfect backdrop for the ultimate outdoor adventure. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else.

2. How much do the ziplines at Selvatica cost?

There are two ways to answer this.

So, if you are ONLY interested in zip lines, choose:

A. “Extreme Canopy Zipline Adventure”

Ziplining in the middle of the jungle

How much it costs online (prices vary, so please confirm online):

$69 USD & Up for Adults

$42 USD & Up for Children

Why do the prices vary?

Well, it all depends on what time of year you book (high season or low season), the size of your group, the time of day, and so on.

Buy online and in advance to get discounts. Selvatica continually runs different promos on their site so it’s worth checking it out before you get here.

If you’re lucky you may even be able to pair your ticket with a Dolphinaris (swim with dolphins) or Ventura Park (the only waterpark in Cancun) experience.

Be sure not to miss out on these top attractions!

What you get:

4 different zip lines in a 10 zipline course.

Learn the details of this wild zip line adventure here.

Now if you want zip lines AND ATVs (real ATVs, not glorified golf-carts like some of our competitor’s push), choose:


Ride an ATV

This one is for the petrol heads of the family! Rev’em up and put the pedal to the metal.

How much it costs online (prices vary, so please confirm online):

  • $108.50 and Up for Adults
  • $59.50 and Up for Kids

What you get:

Real ATV’s, plus 10 zipline circuit, cenote swim, hanging aerial bridges, & Tanzania, the Human Roller-Coaster.

Learn more about the Offroad Polaris tour here.

Having a hard time deciding between the two? Then you might want to consider:

C. “Gimme All”

Fly as a bird at Selvatica's new attraction

This is the ultimate all-day package.

It includes everything that Selvatica has to offer. If you want to experience it ALL this is the package for you.

How much it costs online (again, PRICES VARY, SO PLEASE CONFIRM ONLINE):

  • $155 USD & Up for Adults
  • $77 USD & Up for Children

What you get:

It has everything option A, and B, have, except it also includes a wild bungee swing, and a crazy jungle coaster.

Learn more about the ultimate Gimme All Package here.

3. What makes Selvatica’s zip lines the most thrilling in Cancun?

Variety is the spice of life. Everyone knows that. Who wants to ride the same zip line over and over?

Boring right?

Well, you won’t have to at Selvatica. Because here there are 4 different kinds of ziplines:

The inventors here wracked their brains to bring you the most fun and innovative ziplines imaginable.

1. Superman Zipline

Make your childhood dreams come true!

Fly like superman on the Superflight at Selvatica

Get your Superman on with this face-first zipline!

If you ever wished that your superpower could be that you can fly, then dreams really do come true at Selvatica!

On the Superman Zip Line, you can soar through the air head first as if you were a real superhero. Get ready to flex those guns and strike a pose as you soak up the lush surroundings of the Mexican Mayan jungle from a new perspective.

Don’t worry if it sounds or seems a little daunting at first, the Selvatica team will be on hand every step of the way if you need any help and most importantly to make sure you’re having fun.

You can’t help but feel a real sense of accomplishment after this one.

2. Cenote Splash Zipline

Time to cool off!

Jump into a cenote in the Riviera Maya

After all the excitement and adrenaline of whizzing through the hot Mexican jungle what better way to cap off the day than to cool off in a refreshing fresh water cenote.

In case you didn’t know cenotes are a stunning natural phenomenon unique to this area of the world. Once considered by the ancient Maya to be the portals to the netherworld these freshwater swimming areas should be on everyone’s bucket list.

The water here has been filtered through million-year-old rock formations. It’s fresh, not salty, and feels holistic to the skin.

Cenotes are visually stunning and the one here at Selvatica definitely won’t disappoint.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s the opportunity to make a splash and zip line into the water!


3. Glove Control Zipline

The power is in your hands!

Zipline with glove control at Selvatica

This exhilarating zip line allows you to set your own speed by keeping a grip on the wire with your specially designed glove. Use a tighter grip to slow down or release for full velocity.

How fast will you dare to go?

After this one, you will feel like a successful conqueror of the outdoors.

4. Tanzania: The Human Roller-Coaster

Full of mega twists and turns!

The human roller coaster

Is it a roller-coaster? Or is it a zip line? Or is it something so amazing, you’ve never even seen it before!?

You’ll have to try it out to find out for sure!

Tanzania is one of the favorites here at Selvatica, it’s innovative design combines all of our favorite thrills into one epic ride full of exciting twists and turns.

On this zip line don’t expect to simply expect to head in a downwards motion Tanzania will take you in every direction possible.

Are you ready for the ride?

4. The Staff at Selvatica

Teamwork makes the dream work!

the Selvatica Team

The experience here at Selvatica wouldn’t have earned its accolades if it wasn’t for the enthusiastic, professional, and fun staff that work here!

Selvatica only hires the best!

All you have to do is take one look at the TripAdvisor reviews to see just how many times visitors are praising the staff. Unlike other zip lining competitors in the region, Selvatica offers a personalized experience.

You are definitely NOT left to your own devices.

You traverse the course together in a small group, and the same guide stays with you throughout the entire course and even gets to know you on a first name basis.

5. Selvatica’s Social Commitment

Selvatica cares deeply about two things:

  1. Our planet
  2. Our people

The Seed of Life Program

As we already know Planet Earth is in trouble.

Our seed of life program

As deforestation increases, so to do our carbon footprints.

. Selvatica relies on the jungle to provide the ultimate outdoor experience! That’s why as a debt of honor they are dedicated to giving something back and creating a sustainable infrastructure.

You can join them in their efforts to shrink the carbon footprint!

The Seed of Life Program at Selvatica has so far planted over 300,000 trees with that number rising every single day.

These trees absorb over 7.8 millions of tons of CO2 every year! Pretty impressive, right?

On Selvatica’s new Beyond tour you will be able to plant a seed which, in turn, will help our planet breathe easier in many years to come.

The Helping Hands Program

Selvatica takes a hands-on approach when it comes to helping better the lives of impoverished youths.
This program helps provide sporting equipment/leagues and technical training to more than 100 former juvenile gang members.

La escuelita foundation

With your help, Selvatica can rehabilitate these troubled youths and pave a new and positive path for them to follow.

So, there you have it. Now you see why Selvatica is the King of Cancun Ziplines!