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The Only 100% Natural Park in Cancun: Selvatica

The Caribbean is full of wonderful destinations and extremely fun parks/activities. There is a wide variety of sinkholes, ancient ruins, and nature or adventure parks. NATURE PARKS should have to do with being eco-friendly, sustainable, and other aspects related to caring for planet Earth, right? Well, over the past years this term has become very unclear and […]

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7 Things You Should Know About The Weather in Playa del Carmen

Understandably,  just before any traveler embarks on their trip the last thing they do is check the weather in Playa del Carmen. Weather forecasts are one of Google’s most popular searches, however, the results are definitely more accurate in some parts of the world than others. When booking any tropical vacation you pray that the […]

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Why Does Selvatica Have The Best Cancun Ziplines?

You may be wondering… Where are The Best Cancun Ziplines Why does everyone on Trip Advisor swear: “Selvatica has The Best Cancun Ziplines!” What’s SO great about Selvatica’s zip lines? Is it the price? Is it the location? Is it the total zip line experience? Read further and find out! All will be revealed in […]