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5 Insane Things to do in Cancun When it Rains in October

0.0 00 Things to do in Cancun when it rains: So you finally did it. You finally decided to come to Cancun. You saved up money. Took time off from work. Got your passport updated. Bags are packed. Hotel booked. Airport transfer shuttle paid for. Everything is in order. But then… Rain!? On your vacation?? […]

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Best Cancun Adventure is Selvatica [5 reasons why]

0.0 00 There are two reasons why millions of tourists flock every year to Cancun: for beauty and adventure. It’s easy to see why. Everywhere you look, there’s something gorgeous to look at. Everyone knows about the soft-sanded beaches. There’s also the piercingly turquoise waters. Let’s not forget about the sparkling cenotes throughout. But Cancun […]