The Top 11 Ziplines in the World [for Adrenaline Junkies]

Every day we use our feet as our main method of transportation. Why? Because we HAVE to. You see, we weren’t born with wings. We’re not birds.

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10 Critical Things You NEED To Do Before Ziplining in Cancun

We don’t get to have one majestic view of everything beneath us. We’re not allowed to have that experience. Darwinism forbids it.

The result?

We’re stuck down here. We just have to accept it. Our only hope? To imagine what it’s like as we watch a bird soar freely above us.


The zipline arrived! This changed everything. This meant regular human beings could experience a bird’s eye view! Finally! Take that Darwin!

Today, there are amazing zipline operations all over the world. Do you want to find out where the top 11 ziplines in the world are?


Let’s go through the Top 11 Ziplines in the World.

1. Tarzania…The Human Roller Coaster at Selvatica Adventure Park

Tarzania the human roller coaster.


Cancun, Mexico


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This zipline is truly one of a kind. Most ziplines have only one direction. Down. But not this zipline. This zipline is more like a roller coaster.

A HUMAN roller-coaster.

You can go up, down, left, and right. Pretty nuts, huh?

There’s really no other zipline in the world like it.

2. El Monstruo at Toro Verde Adventure Park



Puerto Rico


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El Monstruo, or “The Monster” just opened in December 2015. What’s so special about it?

It is one of the longest ziplines in the world. It spans over 7,500 feet long and 1,200 feet above the ground.

This allows riders to reach a speed of 90 miles per hour. That’ll get your heart-pounding huh?

3. Flight of the Gibbon

Flight of the Gibbon: One of the Top 11 Ziplines in the World


Mae Kampong, Thailand


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The Flight of the Gibbon features the longest flight in all of Asia. This zipline is over 2,600 feet in length! That’s not all though.

They also feature 33 different zipline platforms.

4. Superman Zipline at Selvatica Adventure Park

Super flight at Selvatica.


Cancun, Mexico


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Don’t let Superman think he’s better than you. He’s not.

In fact, you can fly just like him with Selvatica’s Superman Zipline.

We’re talking, face-first, arms apart. Try Selvatica’s Superman Zipline.

Because…why should Superman have all the fun?

5. Arenal Park

Arenal Park: One of the Top 11 Ziplines in the World


El Castillo, Costa Rica


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Are you feeling bold? Try ziplining on one of the most active volcanoes in the world, the Arenal Volcano

First, start your way from the peak of the mountain. Then fly down for a two and a half hour zipline course that sends you down over 2,400 feet.

6. La Tyrolienne

La Tyrolienne: One of the Top 11 Ziplines in the World


French Alps


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Do you enjoy skiing? Then you have to try the La Tyrolienne zipline course. It connects to ski resorts in the French Alps.

What makes this zipline is special is its altitude. It’s over 10,500 feet high, making it the highest zipline in the world!

7. Upside Down Zipline Selvatica

upsitedown at selvatica


Cancun, Mexico



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Are you the type that’s always looking to kick it up a notch? Want to get an extra dose of adrenaline?

Try Selvatica’s Upside Down Zipline….If you dare!

8. Zip World Snowdonia

Snowdownia: One of the Top 11 Ziplines in the World


North Wales, UK



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Are you ready for an extreme adventure?

The put on the water/wind resistant flying suit and goggles. Then fly down the longest zipline in Europe at 100mph!

This place is actually home to one of the first ziplines in the world, over 100 years ago.

History and adventure, what more can you ask for?

9. Cenote Zipline at Selvatica Adventure Park

zipline cenote at Selvatica


Cancun, Mexico



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There’s no better way to finish a zipline, than with a big splash! Try doing a flip as you let go. Maybe 2 flips.

Either way, you’ll end up swimming in a sparkling, crystal clear cenote. And don’t worry. The fun doesn’t stop after one. Just hop right back on as many times as you like!

 11. Extreme Zipline

Extreme Zipline:: One of the Top 11 Ziplines in the World


Utah Olympic Park, Utah



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Want to simulate a downhill skiing experience? Try Utah Olympic Park’s Extreme Zipline. It features one of the steepest ziplines in the world.

The 1,500-foot-long ride has a 435-foot vertical drop. The angle simulates a downhill skiing experience!

12. Glove Control Zipline at Selvatica Adventure Park

Glove Control Zipline at Selvatica: : One of the Top 11 Ziplines in the World


Cancun, Mexico



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Control and ziplines usually don’t go together. That’s what makes the Glove Control Zipline at Selvatica unique.

Want maximum speed? Lighten your grip.

Want to slow things down, and observe all the jungle canopy details? Tighten your grip.

The choice is yours. Only with Selvatica’s Glove Control Zipline.

Amazing huh? That was our guide to the Top 12 Ziplines in the World. How did we do? Did we miss any? Sound off below!

Bungee Jumping in Cancun? Try the MIND-BLOWING Bungee Swing!

What type of person are you? Do you step up to the plate? Or do you step back and chicken out?

Still not sure? Why not take the ultimate test of adrenaline? Find out once and for all.

So are you in or out? Awesome!

Ok. Let’s do this then. Here’s what you had to do. Go online to your favorite airline and check for tickets to Cancun. Who knows? Maybe try an aggregator site that lets you compare many different airline prices…you know? Like Kayak or something.

You see? Not as expensive as you expected huh? Well, get used to that feeling. Cancun is the king of great value. Not only that, though…

Cancun is the king of adventure.

And that’s what we’re going to find out. We’re going to find out if you can handle Cancun’s best extreme adventures. Still game? Good.

So get your passport. Bring your go-pro. And here’s a tip. Don’t forget your bathing suit (we’ll get to that later.) Most important of all? Bring a winning spirit!

Remember…once you get to Cancun…we’re going to see what you’re made of

Great! Now that you’ve arrived, let’s get things going…in OVERDRIVE.

All you have to is climb the stairs. Now that we’re up here, there are 2 ways down. First way down, is walking back down the stairs (BORING!).

But there is a second way. You can strap on…and go bungee jumping in Cancun!

Having second thoughts huh? Oh, come on! You didn’t travel all this way to walk down a flight of stairs right?

The bungee jump swim at selvatica

Here’s some advice

Take 3 long deep breaths. Release slowly. Then turn around—without thinking—just jump!

Whoa! Do you realize you just went bungee jumping in Cancun? Great job! And guess what? We have it on camera so you can relive it again and again.

Admit it. TOTALLY worth it to come to Cancun just for that one moment right?

But it gets even better than that. Because here at Selvatica Adventure Park, the fun is just beginning.

Here are 3 other adventures for you to conquer (now that you’re here and all.)
1.       Jungle ATVs like a Polaris!

If you haven’t heard…a Polaris ATV is not just any regular ATV. It has the most insane suspension you’ve ever felt.

What does that mean for you?

It means when you see that jungle pothole; you don’t swerve. You hit the pedal to the metal. The tight curve coming up? Don’t worry. You got this.

Remember…its a Polaris ATV we’re talking about. (I just feel bad for the jungle mud.)


Atv polaris at selvatica mud madness

2.- 5 Different Types of Zipline

Yup. Count’em yourself. There are 5 ziplines just waiting for you.

Now you see, most people think all ziplines are the same. Nope. Each one features something unique. Some are more intense than others.

Ready to take on all 5 ziplines, no matter what?

For now, let’s go through them all.

First, you have the classic, glove-controlled zipline.

Then it’s the Superman zipline. After that, you have the upside down zipline. Let’s not forget the INSANE Tarzania…that’s like a human roller-coaster (but actually a zipline).

Then there’s one more zipline…which brings us to our last adventure…

3.       A Refreshing Cenote to Cap everything off

After all, that adventure, you’re going to need to clean yourself off. Let’s just say, mud-flinging fun has a price. (It’s called cleanliness.)

But what are you going to do? Take a shower?

Come on. We’re in the jungle. Land of adventure.

Here, we dive into a cenote…straight from a zipline no, less. It’s the way of the jungle.

And if you can make it to the end, consider yourself part of the tribe. The Selvatica Tribe.

So could you do it? Could you make it to the end, no hiccups? Imagine putting check marks on half your bucket list!

Isn’t that vacations are all about?

Find out if you have what it takes to go bungee jumping in Cancun…and conquer every other awesome outdoor adventure Selvatica has to offer(but especially bungee jumping in Cancun!).

Zipline in Cancun’s Jungle at Selvatica [4 WILD Reasons]

Zipline in Cancun’s Jungle at Selvatica [4 WILD Reasons]

Why vacation in Cancun? Because Cancun is where dreams come true. This is the place where truly anything can happen. Most people think Cancun is where you lay down at the beach all day. Yawn. There’s more to Cancun than that! such as zipline in cancun’s

Why vacation in Cancun? Because Cancun is the land of amazing adventures.

If you want to try something for the first time, there’s no better place than Cancun. The natural sceneries are stunning. The locals provide enthusiastic customer support. And the prices? Well, you’re not going to find prices this low in the US, that’s for sure.

But where in Cancun can you find the best adventures? Where is the best place to zipline in Cancun?

That place is outdoor adventure park, Selvatica. Let me give you 4 wild reasons why you should zipline in Cancun’s Jungle at Selvatica.

1.-Welcome to the Jungle!

Sure, everyone knows about Cancun’s beaches. But the real adventure is in the wild. In the jungle. Smell the jungle breeze in the air. There’s really nothing like it. Listen to the parrot’s squawk. Watch them spread their brightly colored plumage.

Listen to the parrot’s squawk

You see that dense jungle canopy over you?

In not too long, you’re going to be looking down at that canopy. You’re going to be looking eye-to-eye with those parrots. That’s the only way to zipline in Cancun. In the thick Mayan jungle.

Here’s where your spirit will return to its primal self.  This is where we all originated.

Welcome Home. Welcome to Selvatica.

2.-O.M.G. Is that a human roller-coaster?

Now that you’re pumped and ready to go, let’s have some extreme outdoor fun. Who has the best ziplines in Cancun? Selvatica!

Let me explain why.

Selvatica has the most insane zipline ever. No, really. It’s so crazy and wild, it’s more than a zipline. In fact, it’s more like a human roller-coaster.

Ziplines use gravity to pull you in one direction. Those are actually really fun. Selvatica’s extreme canopy tour has PLENTY of them. You can go upside-down. Face-first. It’s extreme entertainment at its finest.

But that’s just the beginning…

Introducing: Tarzania, the Human Roller-Coaster!

What makes this different? First you’ll go down. But then you’ll go up quickly. Then back down. Oh yeah, you’re also going left, but then right. This Cancun zipline is in a class of its own. There’s NO other zipline in Cancun even close to this.

If this zipline doesn’t make you go ‘AAAAAH’, you’re not alive.

the human roller coaster

This is Selvatica. Home to the ONLY Human Roller-Coaster in Cancun

3.-Wanna make a big splash? Zipline into a Cenote!

Who doesn’t love a cenote? They’re crystal clear. Refreshing. Clean. Best of all? No saltiness to deal with after.

Let’s face it: After spending a wild day in the humid jungle, you’re going to need some freshening up before you head back. Why not enjoy yourself in the process?

Picture this: You’re muddy. Sweaty. And super exhausted. And then you see it. A sparkling cenote just beckoning you to enter. But you’re not going to just walk in the cenote. You’re in Selvatica! Land of the wild. Home of the extreme. No. When you’re in Selvatica, you don’t back down from a challenge.

You walk up the stairs. Grab on the zipline and jump off and then SPLASH!

Now that’s how you make an entrance at Selvatica!

4.-Over 20 years in the extreme outdoor biz

There’s a reason nobody does outdoor adventures like Selvatica. Selvatica has over 20 years of experience—more than other company in Cancun.

What does this mean for you? When you’re at Selvatica, you can feel safe and secure. They know what they’re doing. This isn’t a marketing slogan. They have the track record of safety to prove it.

Wanna go ziplining in Cancun? Go with the experts. Go with Selvatica.

There you have if folks. That was 4 wild reasons to ziplining in Cancun’s jungle at Selvatica. Which was your favorite reason? Did we miss one? Sound off below!