Travelers on Trip Advisor love Selvatica

If you’re in Cancun and you want adventure, you think Selvatica. When you want to zipline, you think Selvatica. When you crave Polaris ATV’s, you think Selvatica.

There’s no debate. Cancun’s outdoor adventure park, Selvatica, is the number one extreme outdoor attraction in Latin America. In fact, we have the awards that prove travelers of Trip Advisor love Selvatica.

Travelers Trust Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor’s consumer review process is widely recognized as the least biased, most trustworthy voting system for picking the best travel activities. The Trip Advisor app has been downloaded 350 million times. Those are all active users too. We know this because receives 340 million unique visitors every month.

The point is, if you want the whole truth—both good and bad—you go to Trip Advisor. Companies can’t pay for favorable reviews. They can’t take down scathingly critical reviews either. Believe me, they’ve tried—even in the court room!

Selvatica Loves Trip Advisor

While some companies hate the fact that their dirty laundry may be aired out for everyone to see via Trip Advisor’s anyone-can-post-a-review system, we don’t. We at Selvatica fully embrace Trip Advisor.

We want to help our consumers make an informed decision. You only have so many days on your vacation. We want to help make sure you spend it right. What better way to do that, than to listen, not to a company’s promotional pitch, but to the reviews of people who traveled to that destination.

citizen of the jungle

What Selvatica Travelers are Saying on Trip Advisor

Let’s find out why so many travelers on Trip Advisor love Selvatica. Here are 10 of the latest reviews taken—word for word—from Selvatica on Trip Advisor:

  1. “best adventure EVER”
  1. “they treat you like family. I would highly recommend them!!!”

“The day was easily the best day of our holiday and was made even more special by the enthusiasm and craziness of the staff there.”

  1. “Selvatica….A Must Do!!!!! Absolutely Amazing Experience!”
  1. “This experience was worth every penny!!! My group and I LOVED IT! Very kind staff, very fun, always joking around, it was so much fun! Will definitely do again.”
  1. “I gotta say it was the most exciting adventure we done! We did the Zipline and Cenote. Afterwards we were giving an amazing meal with drinks! I’m definitely planning to come back!”
  1. “best excursion ever with best staff!”
  1. “What can I say? This experience was a blast! My kids both 6&8 were so looked after it was unreal . The staff are a real credit to this place. So funny attentive and really driven could not fault them at all. They made the start of our holiday absolutely amazing!”
  1. We had the best time at Selvatica, the staff was terrific, I can’t say enough about this place. This made our vacation, so worth spending the money. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Superman was my favorite, We did the Gimme All package and the fajita lunch we got was very good also. You need to visit this place”
  1. “A blast. That’s my review. A total blast! All the guys that work here make it SO much fun, they are a hilarious group and will keep you laughing the entire time. We did the 12 Zipline tour and we were with a huge group, yet the guys kept it moving quickly and it was done really professionally.”

Trip Advisor Loves Selvatica

As you just read, Trip Advisor travelers don’t like Selvatica. Travelers on Trip Advisor LOVE Selvatica!

It’s why Trip Advisor named Selvatica the number one outdoor attraction in Cancun for 5 consecutive years. It’s why Trip Advisor deemed us “one of the top ten adventures in the entire world”. It’s why we are proud to announce were just awarded another “certificate of excellence” for our supremely rated service.

The people have spoken. The choice is simple. Selvatica is guaranteed thrills for the whole family. Book online now and save 10% to have an amazing outdoor adventure—then don’t forget to thank Trip Advisor’s community for sending you!

Selvatica Presents The Dirty and Wet Adventure…

3 Reasons Why ‘ATVing & Swim in a Cenote’ Make for the Ultimate Adventure

Are you ready to get dirty and wet? Are you the rugged type that thrives in chaotic muddiness? If you’ve answered yes, you’re the perfect type for Selvatica’s Dirty and Wet Adventure. Selvatica is home to Cancun’s best adventure park in Latina America. There are a number of reasons why travelers from all over the world consistently rate Selvatica as the best tour in Cancun on Trip Advisor. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should go ATVing and then swim in a Cenote.


License to Thrill

Life is filled with rules and regulations. Every move you make, you have to stop and think to yourself, am I allowed to do this? Before you know it, society has stuffed you in a box and you can no longer just simply be yourself. This sort of suffocating constraints can wear on you after a while. Eventually, you can only take so much. There will come a time when you’ve had enough procedural guidelines, and you simply just want to BREAK LOOSE! Guess what? Selvatica has just issued you a License to Thrill. That’s right. Here are the keys to an ATV. This is the Mayan Jungle. Now release your inner wild child and enjoy a freedom experienced by few. You’re not in your mother-in-law’s living room. You’re in the freaking Mayan Jungle! Grip and rip that handle and listen to that engine roar. Watch as mud splatters everywhere like a Jackson Pollack painting of dirt and filth.


Dude, it’s not just an ATV, it’s a Polaris!

And this is no ordinary ATV either. It’s a badass, state-of-the-art Polaris all-terrain vehicle. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Polaris is the industry leader when it comes to ATVs. They basically redefined what off-roading means. Are you a lone wolf? Prefer to do things on your own? We have a Polaris just for you. Are you two a duo? Prefer to have your wingman (or woman!) at your side? We have a Polaris just for you. Are you the alpha of a fearsome foursome? Don’t worry. We’ve got a Polaris for you.

Oooh THAT’s a Cenote?!

Many American’s don’t know what Cenote is. They look up cenote on their dictionary app and read “Sinkhole”. Not exactly the most inviting conception of a cenote. In fact in the United States, you want to do everything possible to avoid a sinkhole. Well, that’s just not the case in Cancun, Mexico. Let me paint a picture for you. You’ve just ripped through the Mayan Jungle on your top-of-the-line Polaris ATV, and now you’re covered in mud, head-to-toe. You’re wondering how you’re going to get on the shuttle back to the hotel dripping in wet dirt. Not to worry. There’s a crystalline cenote waiting for you to revitalize yourself by taking a quick dip. It’s sparkling. It’s clean. It’s safe. And wow is it refreshing. There’s no better way to cap off a dirty ride through the jungle, than with an invigorating swim in a cenote.


And that’s what we call the Dirty and Wet Adventure at Selvatica. Unshackle yourself from society’s laws and be the person you wish you could be every day. FREE!