8 Extreme Activities to Try on Your Cancun Spring Break

We all know it’s true. A Cancun Spring Break is when you go wild. It’s when you take chances and be adventurous.


…there is no better place to go wild than Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun: Selvatica Adventure Park!

Are you wondering why Selvatica is the best place to go for your Cancun Spring Break?


Let’s look at 8 Extreme Activities to Try on Your Cancun Spring Break

1.      Ziplining in Cancun

You can’t come to Cancun without going ziplining. Why? Because it perfectly captures the spirit of Cancun.

The adrenaline coursing through your veins as you soar through the air. The amazing bird’s eye view of the Mayan jungle canopy.

Adventure and natural beauty, all in one can’t-miss Cancun adventure.

Here’s the best part though. Selvatica Adventure Park has FIVE different kinds of ziplines for you to enjoy on your Cancun Spring Break.

Let’s go through them.


tarzania the human roller coaster.

This is no ordinary zipline. It’s more like human roller-coaster! Hang on while you swerve up & down!

Try the CRAZIEST zipline in Cancun, Tarzania, the Human Roller-Coaster!


cenote splash selvatica park

Did someone order a splash of cenote with their zipline?

End things with a big SPLASH in a cenote!


glove control zipline at selvatica cancun spring break

Some like it slow. Some like it fast. With Glove Control, you decide.

Squeeze for a leisurely ride, or let go for a wild one.


upside down at the jungle

Go upside because…you’re on your Cancun Spring Break! You’re supposed to get wild!

Do you dare to try the Upside-Down Zipline?


superman zipline at Selvatica-Extreme Activity Cancun Spring Break

Face your fears HEADON!

Soar through the air like Clark Kent, with Selvatica’s Superman Zipline!

2.      Off-roading in Cancun

What should you do if it’s raining during your Cancun Spring Break? Stay in your hotel room praying for sunny weather?


Go Selvatica and go off-roading in Cancun on a badass ATV.

offroading in cancun spring break

Rip up the jungle mud and watch it fly everywhere. Don’t worry. This is not only allowed. It’s encouraged.

getting muddy while offroading at selvatica in cancun- cancun spring break

That’s right. Feel free to release your primal self when you’re at Selvatica. You are in the Mayan jungle after all.

atvs at selvatica in cancun - cancun spring break

So get yourself behind the wheel of a badass ATV, and go off-roading in Cancun at Selvatica!

3.      Testing your fear of heights in Cancun

Nobody THINKS they have a fear of heights. Yet most people have never been put in a situation where this has been tested.

Do you have the power to conquer your fears?

Of course! You’re on your Cancun Spring Break! This is your time be brave.

Test yourself at Selvatica with some thrilling activities that are sure to get your heard POUNDING.



bungee swing at selvatica

OMG is that a bungee swing?

Yup. And guess what? It’s your turn to jump.

Walk to the ledge. Say a quick prayer. Then brace yourself for an electrifying drop to the bottom!

Your reward? When you’re done, scratch another item off your bucket list! Nice!


hanging aerial bridges selvatica- cancun spring break

Ever wonder what it would be like to traverse a super wobbly wooden footbridge high up in the jungle?

You know? Like they do in the movies.

Imagine yourself deep in the heart of the Mayan jungle. In order to return home, you have to get across the high-hanging shaky footbridge.

Will you make it across? Or will your fear of heights get the best of you?

Find out this Cancun Spring Break at Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Attraction in Cancun: Selvatica Adventure Park!

The CRAZY Bungee-Zipline-ATV-Cenote Cancun Jungle Adventure!

The Same Tired Routine

Are you bored?

Think about it. It’s the same routine every day.

Alarm goes off. You take a shower. Eat breakfast (if you’re lucky). Head to work all day. Get stressed. Come home. Make dinner for the family. (Scratch that. You’re too tired to make dinner.) So you call Chinese take-out.

Put on the news. Shake your head at the nonsense. Watch a TV show.  Put the kids to bed. Yawn. Head to bed.

And do the exact same thing tomorrow.

And the day after. And the day after that.

The weekends? Well…they’re not much better. Sure. You’re off of work, and that’s great. But you’ve already gone to all the bars and restaurants downtown.

And let’s face it…there was never really much to do downtown anyways. How many weekends in a row can you go bowling?

The Big City…Yikes

You’ve thought about packing your bags and heading to the big city. That’s where everyone else goes when they’re bored. And sure…there are lots of things to do in the big city. No doubt about that.

But still…it’s a big city.

And with big cities come big crowds of people. Usually in very tight spaces. And we all know what happens when you pack tons of people in small spaces. People get edgy. Heck, you may even call it rude.

You’ve gone to the big city before. You felt cramped. No. You felt downright claustrophobic. Nobody said ‘thank you’ or ‘please’. It’s just a different world than what you’re used to.

Selvatica Adventure Park in Cancun

Isn’t there a place to go, that’s exciting AND not the big city?

You know…some magical place that brings the best of both worlds?

And then you remember Mike from the office. You overheard him the other day talking about his crazy adventure in Cancun, Mexico. Ziplines you heard him say. Didn’t he also say “ATV’s in the mud”?

Wow. Ziplining in Cancun! Now THAT would be an adventure of a lifetime, you think to yourself. In fact…a crazy jungle adventure in Cancun may be just what you need to wake yourself up from sleepwalking through life.

So you look for tickets to Cancun. Wow. Are they really that cheap? Then you look at Trip Advisor. You find Cancun, and then Outdoor Activities.

 Trip Advisor Reviews on Selvatica


You say to yourself “let’s go with the #1 outdoor activity in Cancun, Selvatica”.

You start reading all of the reviews. Soon…you realize a pattern. You start to see that there are a lot of people, just like you, who have visited Selvatica before.

You see a review from Tiffany Mitchell Reeves, 45, from Baldwin City, California:
“We had the best time…our guide couldn’t have been more fun if he tried. The whole staff was wonderful!!! Would highly recommend this excursion!!!”

Then you see another review from Stacy Raymond Brule, 43, from Jordan, Michigan:

“We absolutely loved Selvatica. It is well worth the money, Staff was excellent and very friendly and helpful. We will definitely visit again. so much fun!!!! My 12-year-old was a little nervous about jumping and doing superman and they encouraged him and he tried everything. This was a highlight of our trip. Absolutely awesome. If I could give more than 5 stars I would give them the highest possible”

That’s all you need to read. “Selvatica…was the highlight of our trip” . So now you’re interested and you go to the Selvatica website.


You see the Gimme All Package. It has EVERYTHING you need to have the ultimate outdoor adventure in Cancun.

Bungees, Ziplines, ATVs, and Cenotes—all in the Cancun Jungle! How do you say no to that?

You decide right then and there. You book the Gimme All Package.

You’re so proud, you show everyone at work. Before you know it, someone looks on Youtube for video examples of each activity.





The crazy bungee and zipline at selvatica

Whoa! After that, two more people at the office decide to join in!

They’re calling it “The CRAZY Bungee-Zipline-ATV-Cenote Cancun Jungle Adventure”.

The best part? Rick from New York City said “wish we had stuff like that back home”. If you can make the big city peeps jealous, you know you’re vacationing somewhere awesome.

You’ve got your ticket to Cancun. You’ve booked Selvatica’s Gimme All package.

Now you’re wondering…what do I do before ziplining in Cancun?

5-Step Guide to Ziplining in Cancun with a Fear of Heights

5-Step Guide to Ziplining in Cancun with a Fear of Heights

Mexico is a paradise that brings millions of tourists from all over the world for two reasons: beautiful beaches and incredible adventures like ziplining in Cancun. For many, it’s both.

You can start off by unwinding at a white-sanded beach. That’s great…for a moment. But before you know it, you’re going to get excited. You’re going to crave adventure.

Then someone in your group says “hey, why don’t we go ziplining?”

Everyone agrees, but in your head you’re thinking “what is a zipline?”. More importantly, what does ziplining feel like?

Sure. You wanted adventure, and ziplining in Cancun certainly represents that. But now you’re worried about something: can I go ziplining if I’m afraid of heights?

Don’t worry. That’s perfectly normal actually. In fact, many people face fears before they zipline.

heights are not that bad for ziplining in Cancun

Here are some of the most common questions people have before they go ziplining in Cancun:

  1. What is the weight limit for zip lining?
  2. What do you wear to go ziplining?
  3. Does ziplining feel like a roller coaster?
  4. Are ziplines safe/fun/scary/dangerous/difficult/boring?

The truth?

  1. Each provider has different limitations, so check beforehand.
  2. Something light, athletic and comfortable (no skirts).
  3. Not normally, but Selvatica has a one-of-a-kind zipline called Tarzania that IS exactly like a roller coaster.
  4. Ziplines are safe, but you have to be careful. Everyone has fun on a zipline. Scary? To some yes. But most simply find it exciting. It is not dangerous but you must still be cautious. Anyone can go ziplining, even kids. There is no ‘difficultly level’. Zipline are many things, but ‘boring’ isn’t one of them.

Now that we got most of the common questions people have before ziplining out of the way…

Let’s focus.

In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to zipline in Cancun with a fear of heights.

Ready? Here we go.

1.-Pick an established zipline tour operator

Obviously, you need to pick a reputable company. Not some shack that sprouted up yesterday. A tour company with a trusted history.

In Cancun, that tour company is Selvatica. No one has been in the zipline business longer. Over two decades of experience, in fact.

What does this mean for you?
It means they know what they’re doing. They know NOT to purchase harnesses made in China. It’s this approach that’s earned them a certification for safety from the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

Need further proof?
Go to Trip Advisor and type “Selvatica”. You see how an eye-popping 98% of the reviews are either “Excellent” or “Very Good”?

Still not convinced?

Consider this: We’re so committed to our customer’s safety and entertainment, Trip Advisor has named us “Best Outdoor Activity in Cancun” 5 times.

It’s true. When it comes to ziplining in Cancun, no one is more of an authority than Selvatica. Period.

awesome day at selvatica the best adventure park in Cancun

2.-Show up and get to the top

Remember, arriving is half the battle. It’s ok to be afraid. This is about facing your fears and having fun. The first and most critical step? Making the decision to go. Once you’ve made the commitment, stick to it. No matter what.

Just know this: when it’s all said and done, you’re going to wish you had done this much sooner in life.

But reaching Selvatica is not enough. You have to climb to the top. This can make some people nervous. It’s simple. Just keep breathing nice and slow.

This brings us to our next stage.

3.-Don’t Panic and breathe

Easier said than done, you may be thinking. Actually, it is easy. All you have to do is breathe. That’s it. Take long, slow, deep breaths. Take your mind to a place where you feel confident.

Understand this:

You don’t have to do anything. The outcome is not determined by your effort or skills. Selvatica has true and tried equipment that is tested frequently. Allow their experienced staff to take care of everything.

Speaking of which…

4.-Find somewhere that knows your name

What does that mean? It means you need to pick a place that will pay you personal attention. That’s the biggest advantage Selvatica offers.

Let me explain.

Other places simply collect your money, hand you a ticket, and wish you good luck. Sure, there are operators at each zipline. But they stay at that zipline. You have no guide that goes with you for the whole journey.

Someone who knows your fears and situation. Someone you can trust.

You see…

When you’re at Selvatica, you’re not just another ticket sold. You’re part of the tribe.

5.-Don’t over think it—Just do it

Let’s face it…this isn’t about ziplines or heights. This is about conquering fear itself. Bravery built today will stay with you forever.

Think about it. Decades later from now, will you remember that morning you spent drinking at the beach?

Or will you remember the triumphant day, when you, yes YOU, conquered your fear of heights by ziplining in Cancun at Selvatica?

Finally. Stare fear in the eye without flinching. Join the tribe.

Visit the best place to zipline in Cancun and book a tour with Selvatica.

We’ll make sure you conquer your fear of heights.

awesome day ziplining in Cancun

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Selvatica’s Summer Blast Promotion

The best promotion of this summer at Selvatica

Selvatica is Cancun’s best outdoor adventure park. For over two decades our extreme rides have thrilled millions of tourists from all over the planet. In fact, over 5 million travelers have glided through the air attached to one of our world-famous ziplines. It’s part of the reason why Trip Advisor awarded us a Certificate of Excellence for 2016—and why Trip Advisor deemed us best outdoor activity in Cancun for 5 consecutive years.This summer find out why everyone on Trip Advisor loves Selvatica with our Summer Blast Promotion!

For a limited time, we will be offering a 10% discount for all online bookings. This promotion will do three very important things for your summer vacation. First, having something set in stone will build excitement and curiosity. Second, you will save precious time and petty squabbling not having to debate what comes next. And lastly, and most importantly, you end up with more cash in your pocket!

But that’s not all we have to offer you this summer.

The second leg of our Summer Blast Promotion is even more exciting. If you book now, you can save 30% on a combo package  of swimming with dolphins at Dolphinaris and Selvatica’s Extreme Canopy tour. You’ll get to swim with a majestic dolphin and soar over a jungle canopy on our world-famous ziplines. Book now before the promotion ends!

So let’s recap, shall we?

With our first Summer Blast Promotion, you’ll:
  • Build Excitement
  • Save time and avoid bickering
  • End up with more cash in your pocket
Adventures in cancun this summer at Selvatica
Adventures in cancun this summer at Selvatica

Are you new to Selvatica? Let’s give you a brief breakdown of our 4 amazing adventure tours.

(Just a note, all our tours start off by hopping in one of our air-conditioned shuttles that takes you from your hotel straight to Selvatica. Then every tour is capped off by a reinvigorating swim in a crystalline cenote)

Extreme Canopy:

Everyone is buzzing about drones nowadays. Why? Because they offer you a bird’s eye view impossible to humans. Well, nearly impossible.
Soar through the air with our amazing ziplines in Cancun. Feel the rush while look down through the jungle canopy. Best of all, our zipline circuit features TWELVE ziplines for your entertainment.


Are you ready to get dirty? Rip through the jungle on top of our mud-flinging ATV. All the turns, potholes, and bumps will make for one heck of a jungle ride. Once you’re done there, head over to our incredible 12-circuit zipline. And what better way to finish things off with a reviving swim in a Mayan cenote.

Off-road Polaris:

There’s nothing like driving a badass Polaris ATV. If you’ve never tried the difference you’re in a for a real treat. The rapid acceleration and turn-on-a-dime suspension will make for the ultimate jungle tour. Once you’re done there, head over for some flying-through-the-air fun on our world-famous 8 circuit zipline.

Do you have what it takes to strap yourself to a bungee line and jump? You’ll find out on Selvatica’s bungee swing.

Do you have the agility to traverse across our wobbly hanging aerial bridges? Test your mettle at Selvatica.

Gimme All:

This is Selvatica’s ultimate tour. You get EVERYTHING from above, except you ALSO get our crazy Tarzania ride.

Our Tarzania ride combines the best of ziplines and roller-coasters. You’ve never seen anything like it. Plus, you also get our insane face-first superman zipline.

When it comes to outdoor adventure activities in Cancun no one does it better than Selvatica. This isn’t PR. This is what Trip Advisor tells year after year.

Join the party! Take advantage of our Summer Blast Promotion before it’s too late!


Zip line in cancun this summer at Selvatica