TripAdvisor’s Hall Of Fame: Selvatica

If you’re unsure about whether visiting Selvatica or not, you might wanna check out Trip Advisor’s Hall Of Fame… hear it from the experts! One of Selvatica’s proudest recognitions, is that it has a place on this acclaimed Hall of Fame…  TripAdvisor has honored Selvatica by deeming it as one of “the top 5 adventures in the entire world”AND  a traveller’s choice winner being the Number 1 attraction in Cancun for several years now.

Not to be outdone, World Travel Award has bestowed Selvatica with the coveted “Best Adventure Park in Mexico & Latin America” award.

Okay, if those facts are not enough to make you feel like you’ve made the right choice by choosing Selvatica… Let’s go deeper in detail about TripAdvisor’s Hall Of Fame, and other of Selvatica’s certifications.


In case you didn’t know what TripAdvisor is, it is the world’s biggest travel site. You can read reviews, compare prices and book any activity, restaurant or hotel as long as it is registered.



That being said, as you can tell being awarded with a certificate of excellence from this organisation is a pretty big deal.

Certificate of Excellence

TripAdvisor started giving the Certificate of Excellence to businesses in 2011, and since then only about 10% of the companies that are registered have been awarded.

But why? Simple. This has happened because in order to receive this certificate there are certain guidelines or requirements to follow.              Such as:

Although every business registered is eligible, and there is no application process since the achievement is earned overtime, just as in any other situation in which an award is being given, there are qualities each business must have in order to be recognized.

  • Must have a minimum number of reviews.
  • Maintain an overall TripAdvisor rating of at least 4 out of 5.
  • Have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least twelve months, or year.

Reviews Selvatica TripAdvisor's Hall Of Fame

Traveller’s Choice

As mentioned before, the Certificate Of Excellence isn’t the only award Selvatica is proud to have recieved. Traveller’s Choice is TripAdvisor’s highest honor, this award identifies and ranks the best businesses such as restaurants, hotels, destinations,islands, attractions, etc. in specific categories and geographies.

Traveller’s Choice winners make up about 1% of listings on TripAdvisor. Both certificates are based on millions of reviews and opinions from users.

World Travel Award

Amongst all of the other certificates and recognitions, Selvatica was announced as the “Best Adventure Park in Mexico and Latin America”.


World Travel Awards™ has acknowledged, rewarded and celebrated excellence across all key sectors of the travel, tourism and hospitality industries since 1993. Today, the World Travel Awards™ brand is recognized globally as the ultimate hallmark of industry excellence.

Now you know! Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame says it:  Selvatica is always a good idea, and experts all over can agree with us on this. Don’t miss out on the unique experiences, available only at Selvatica.

8 Extreme Activities to Try on Your Cancun Spring Break

We all know it’s true. A Cancun Spring Break is when you go wild. It’s when you take chances and be adventurous.


…there is no better place to go wild than Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun: Selvatica Adventure Park!

Are you wondering why Selvatica is the best place to go for your Cancun Spring Break?


Let’s look at 8 Extreme Activities to Try on Your Cancun Spring Break

1.      Ziplining in Cancun

You can’t come to Cancun without going ziplining. Why? Because it perfectly captures the spirit of Cancun.

The adrenaline coursing through your veins as you soar through the air. The amazing bird’s eye view of the Mayan jungle canopy.

Adventure and natural beauty, all in one can’t-miss Cancun adventure.

Here’s the best part though. Selvatica Adventure Park has FIVE different kinds of ziplines for you to enjoy on your Cancun Spring Break.

Let’s go through them.


tarzania the human roller coaster.

This is no ordinary zipline. It’s more like human roller-coaster! Hang on while you swerve up & down!

Try the CRAZIEST zipline in Cancun, Tarzania, the Human Roller-Coaster!


cenote splash selvatica park

Did someone order a splash of cenote with their zipline?

End things with a big SPLASH in a cenote!


glove control zipline at selvatica cancun spring break

Some like it slow. Some like it fast. With Glove Control, you decide.

Squeeze for a leisurely ride, or let go for a wild one.


upside down at the jungle

Go upside because…you’re on your Cancun Spring Break! You’re supposed to get wild!

Do you dare to try the Upside-Down Zipline?


superman zipline at Selvatica-Extreme Activity Cancun Spring Break

Face your fears HEADON!

Soar through the air like Clark Kent, with Selvatica’s Superman Zipline!

2.      Off-roading in Cancun

What should you do if it’s raining during your Cancun Spring Break? Stay in your hotel room praying for sunny weather?


Go Selvatica and go off-roading in Cancun on a badass ATV.

offroading in cancun spring break

Rip up the jungle mud and watch it fly everywhere. Don’t worry. This is not only allowed. It’s encouraged.

getting muddy while offroading at selvatica in cancun- cancun spring break

That’s right. Feel free to release your primal self when you’re at Selvatica. You are in the Mayan jungle after all.

atvs at selvatica in cancun - cancun spring break

So get yourself behind the wheel of a badass ATV, and go off-roading in Cancun at Selvatica!

3.      Testing your fear of heights in Cancun

Nobody THINKS they have a fear of heights. Yet most people have never been put in a situation where this has been tested.

Do you have the power to conquer your fears?

Of course! You’re on your Cancun Spring Break! This is your time be brave.

Test yourself at Selvatica with some thrilling activities that are sure to get your heard POUNDING.



bungee swing at selvatica

OMG is that a bungee swing?

Yup. And guess what? It’s your turn to jump.

Walk to the ledge. Say a quick prayer. Then brace yourself for an electrifying drop to the bottom!

Your reward? When you’re done, scratch another item off your bucket list! Nice!


hanging aerial bridges selvatica- cancun spring break

Ever wonder what it would be like to traverse a super wobbly wooden footbridge high up in the jungle?

You know? Like they do in the movies.

Imagine yourself deep in the heart of the Mayan jungle. In order to return home, you have to get across the high-hanging shaky footbridge.

Will you make it across? Or will your fear of heights get the best of you?

Find out this Cancun Spring Break at Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Attraction in Cancun: Selvatica Adventure Park!