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The Only 100% Natural Park in Cancun: Selvatica

The Caribbean is full of wonderful destinations and extremely fun parks/activities. There is a wide variety of sinkholes, ancient ruins, and nature or adventure parks. NATURE PARKS should have to do with being eco-friendly, sustainable, and other aspects related to caring for planet Earth, right? Well, over the past years this term has become very unclear and […]

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Ziplines in Riviera Maya- What to Look for & Avoid

Zip lines in Riviera Maya- What to Look for & Avoid Everyone who has traveled to Cancun knows this: Cancun is not all there is. It simply opens the door to the Riviera Maya. Here you can enjoy a bevy of travel destinations, each with their own set of entertaining attractions. Today we’re going to […]

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Why Does Selvatica Have The Best Cancun Ziplines?

You may be wondering… Where are The Best Cancun Ziplines Why does everyone on Trip Advisor swear: “Selvatica has The Best Cancun Ziplines!” What’s SO great about Selvatica’s zip lines? Is it the price? Is it the location? Is it the total zip line experience? Read further and find out! All will be revealed in […]

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ATV Tours in Cancun: Everything you need to know

ATV Tours in Cancun: Everything you need to know Cancun is the land of adventure. Some find adventure in the form of tequila fueled beach-side parties. Others want something raw. Something more real. And riding an ATV in Cancun gives them exactly what they’re looking for. Do you share that opinion? Perfect! Then read this […]

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Selvatica vs Our Biggest Competitor (2018)

Selvatica vs Our Biggest Competition – similar concepts, two very different experiences! How do you know which one is right for YOU? That’s where we come in… When headed to Mexico it’s easy to focus your attention on the white sandy beaches, twinkling turquoise water, and glitzy hotels.  But did you know that the lush tropical jungles that encapsulate Mexico house […]