Bungee Jumping in Cancun? Try the MIND-BLOWING Bungee Swing!

What type of person are you? Do you step up to the plate? Or do you step back and chicken out?

Still not sure? Why not take the ultimate test of adrenaline? Find out once and for all.

So are you in or out? Awesome!

Ok. Let’s do this then. Here’s what you had to do. Go online to your favorite airline and check for tickets to Cancun. Who knows? Maybe try an aggregator site that lets you compare many different airline prices…you know? Like Kayak or something.

You see? Not as expensive as you expected huh? Well, get used to that feeling. Cancun is the king of great value. Not only that, though…

Cancun is the king of adventure.

And that’s what we’re going to find out. We’re going to find out if you can handle Cancun’s best extreme adventures. Still game? Good.

So get your passport. Bring your go-pro. And here’s a tip. Don’t forget your bathing suit (we’ll get to that later.) Most important of all? Bring a winning spirit!

Remember…once you get to Cancun…we’re going to see what you’re made of

Great! Now that you’ve arrived, let’s get things going…in OVERDRIVE.

All you have to is climb the stairs. Now that we’re up here, there are 2 ways down. First way down, is walking back down the stairs (BORING!).

But there is a second way. You can strap on…and go bungee jumping in Cancun!

Having second thoughts huh? Oh, come on! You didn’t travel all this way to walk down a flight of stairs right?

The bungee jump swim at selvatica

Here’s some advice

Take 3 long deep breaths. Release slowly. Then turn around—without thinking—just jump!

Whoa! Do you realize you just went bungee jumping in Cancun? Great job! And guess what? We have it on camera so you can relive it again and again.

Admit it. TOTALLY worth it to come to Cancun just for that one moment right?

But it gets even better than that. Because here at Selvatica Adventure Park, the fun is just beginning.

Here are 3 other adventures for you to conquer (now that you’re here and all.)
1.       Jungle ATVs like a Polaris!

If you haven’t heard…a Polaris ATV is not just any regular ATV. It has the most insane suspension you’ve ever felt.

What does that mean for you?

It means when you see that jungle pothole; you don’t swerve. You hit the pedal to the metal. The tight curve coming up? Don’t worry. You got this.

Remember…its a Polaris ATV we’re talking about. (I just feel bad for the jungle mud.)


Atv polaris at selvatica mud madness

2.- 5 Different Types of Zipline

Yup. Count’em yourself. There are 5 ziplines just waiting for you.

Now you see, most people think all ziplines are the same. Nope. Each one features something unique. Some are more intense than others.

Ready to take on all 5 ziplines, no matter what?

For now, let’s go through them all.

First, you have the classic, glove-controlled zipline.

Then it’s the Superman zipline. After that, you have the upside down zipline. Let’s not forget the INSANE Tarzania…that’s like a human roller-coaster (but actually a zipline).

Then there’s one more zipline…which brings us to our last adventure…

3.       A Refreshing Cenote to Cap everything off

After all, that adventure, you’re going to need to clean yourself off. Let’s just say, mud-flinging fun has a price. (It’s called cleanliness.)

But what are you going to do? Take a shower?

Come on. We’re in the jungle. Land of adventure.

Here, we dive into a cenote…straight from a zipline no, less. It’s the way of the jungle.

And if you can make it to the end, consider yourself part of the tribe. The Selvatica Tribe.

So could you do it? Could you make it to the end, no hiccups? Imagine putting check marks on half your bucket list!

Isn’t that vacations are all about?

Find out if you have what it takes to go bungee jumping in Cancun…and conquer every other awesome outdoor adventure Selvatica has to offer(but especially bungee jumping in Cancun!).

The Simple 5-Step Guide to Finding the BEST Cancun Zipline!!

You know why you’re going to Cancun. And it’s not the reason everyone else thinks either.

It’s not because you want to get drunk with spring breakers…You’re past that phase now.

You realize there’s more to Cancun. A lot more. (You see? Not having a hangover is enlightening—I’m talking to you spring-breakers =)).

You realize Cancun is the adventure capital of the world. It’s where adrenaline junkies feel free. Where you can feel like you’re on recess again. And that’s what a Cancun adventure is all about.

Making you feel like a kid again

But where are the best Cancun adventures? The answer’s obvious. The best adventure is a jungle adventure. Why? Just simply BEING in the jungle is an adventure. Then you add some one-of-a-kind extreme activities…and now you’re talking about shrinking a bucket list.

Now you’re talking about ziplines, ATVs, Bungees, and Cenotes. Now THAT’s the ultimate jungle adventure.

But how do you find the best Cancun Zipline?

You may ask yourself: Is there really a difference? Aren’t they all the same? (the answer’s no, but we’ll explain more later)

We’re going to show you where the best Cancun zipline is. Not only that, though. We’re going to explain WHY as well.

This way…when you come to Cancun, you’ll know where best to get your jungle adrenaline fix.

Here is Selvatica’s Simple 5-Step Guide to Finding the BEST Cancun Zipline!

Ready? Great, let’s start!

1.       Handheld Zipline (Do-I-have-to-let-go)

Ok. Let’s start off nice and slow ok? But don’t worry. We’re going to build up the intensity level each time. And you know what? We got something special waiting for you at the end. So hang in there.

The first zipline involves the use of your hands. No, seriously. Just lean back and use the catcher’s mitt-like glove they give you, to hold on. Tighter the squeeze…the slower you go.

The idea is to just let gravity take over. Don’t squeeze. At least not yet. Enjoy the ride. A bird’s eye view like this is rare. Soak it in. As you get to the other side, you start to squeeze your hand. You’ll slow down, and that’s it.

Your first zipline in Cancun! Nice!

But don’t get too cocky yet…we’re just getting started.

2.       Cenote Zipline (Splish-Splash)

Now it’s time to let loose and have a splash. Literally. Put on a life vest. Then sit at the edge and hang on the bars.

Here’s a tip: Don’t jump!

It’s not the worst thing in the world if you do. It’s just not the best way. It bounces up harder than you’d expect.

Here’s the best way to zipline into a cenote. Just walk off. THEN…at the end, you do a flip. Or whatever you want. Doesn’t matter. You’re landing in the water either way.

This way, you stay in control of your excitement.

Still confused? Check this awesome video of Adam doing it right.


The superman at selvatica and cenote.

3.       Superman Zipline (I-believe-I-can-fly)

Come on. Just admit it. We’ve all felt this way before. We’ve all wanted to fly. You know? Like Superman. Soaring through the air and seeing everything.

Alas, we’re mere mortal humans. No wings. No feathers. No red cape.


The ultimate Superman simulation experience came around…better known as the Superman Zipline.

Get ready…because it’s your turn to go…FACE-first!

4.       The Upside-Down Zipline (Look-mom-no-hands!)

Ah yes. The upside down effect. Turn anything WAY cooler by doing one thing. Flipping it. Or reversing it.

Here’s an example. Walking upstairs? Boring. Walking upstairs on your HANDS? That’s viral.

Same principle applies to ziplining. Do it upside down. Trust me. You’ll see.

Ziplining upside is one the best ways to zipline in Cancun.

make an upsitedown in the jungle

5.       Tarzania (The CRAZY Human-Roller Coaster)

Finally! Drum roll, please. Yes. This is the moment we have all been waiting for patiently.

The BEST way to zipline in Cancun.

They call it Tarzania, The Human Roller-Coaster. This is no ordinary zipline. This goes left. Up. Down. Then back up again. Then right.

Tarzania really is zipline that’s more like a one-person roller-coaster.

And you can ONLY find it one place…

…Selvatica, Cancun’s #1 Adventure Park for 20 years.

You see? I told you those drunken spring-breakers are confused. Let’s face it. You can get hammered anywhere. And plus, you’re not going to remember any of it anyways.

But this? You’ll forever remember the day you conquered 5 EPIC ziplines in Cancun’s #1 Adventure Park, Selvatica. And don’t forget… THAT’s what Cancun’s truly all about.

5-Step Guide to Ziplining in Cancun with a Fear of Heights

5-Step Guide to Ziplining in Cancun with a Fear of Heights

Mexico is a paradise that brings millions of tourists from all over the world for two reasons: beautiful beaches and incredible adventures like ziplining in Cancun. For many, it’s both.

You can start off by unwinding at a white-sanded beach. That’s great…for a moment. But before you know it, you’re going to get excited. You’re going to crave adventure.

Then someone in your group says “hey, why don’t we go ziplining?”

Everyone agrees, but in your head you’re thinking “what is a zipline?”. More importantly, what does ziplining feel like?

Sure. You wanted adventure, and ziplining in Cancun certainly represents that. But now you’re worried about something: can I go ziplining if I’m afraid of heights?

Don’t worry. That’s perfectly normal actually. In fact, many people face fears before they zipline.

heights are not that bad for ziplining in Cancun

Here are some of the most common questions people have before they go ziplining in Cancun:

  1. What is the weight limit for zip lining?
  2. What do you wear to go ziplining?
  3. Does ziplining feel like a roller coaster?
  4. Are ziplines safe/fun/scary/dangerous/difficult/boring?

The truth?

  1. Each provider has different limitations, so check beforehand.
  2. Something light, athletic and comfortable (no skirts).
  3. Not normally, but Selvatica has a one-of-a-kind zipline called Tarzania that IS exactly like a roller coaster.
  4. Ziplines are safe, but you have to be careful. Everyone has fun on a zipline. Scary? To some yes. But most simply find it exciting. It is not dangerous but you must still be cautious. Anyone can go ziplining, even kids. There is no ‘difficultly level’. Zipline are many things, but ‘boring’ isn’t one of them.

Now that we got most of the common questions people have before ziplining out of the way…

Let’s focus.

In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to zipline in Cancun with a fear of heights.

Ready? Here we go.

1.-Pick an established zipline tour operator

Obviously, you need to pick a reputable company. Not some shack that sprouted up yesterday. A tour company with a trusted history.

In Cancun, that tour company is Selvatica. No one has been in the zipline business longer. Over two decades of experience, in fact.

What does this mean for you?
It means they know what they’re doing. They know NOT to purchase harnesses made in China. It’s this approach that’s earned them a certification for safety from the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

Need further proof?
Go to Trip Advisor and type “Selvatica”. You see how an eye-popping 98% of the reviews are either “Excellent” or “Very Good”?

Still not convinced?

Consider this: We’re so committed to our customer’s safety and entertainment, Trip Advisor has named us “Best Outdoor Activity in Cancun” 5 times.

It’s true. When it comes to ziplining in Cancun, no one is more of an authority than Selvatica. Period.

awesome day at selvatica the best adventure park in Cancun

2.-Show up and get to the top

Remember, arriving is half the battle. It’s ok to be afraid. This is about facing your fears and having fun. The first and most critical step? Making the decision to go. Once you’ve made the commitment, stick to it. No matter what.

Just know this: when it’s all said and done, you’re going to wish you had done this much sooner in life.

But reaching Selvatica is not enough. You have to climb to the top. This can make some people nervous. It’s simple. Just keep breathing nice and slow.

This brings us to our next stage.

3.-Don’t Panic and breathe

Easier said than done, you may be thinking. Actually, it is easy. All you have to do is breathe. That’s it. Take long, slow, deep breaths. Take your mind to a place where you feel confident.

Understand this:

You don’t have to do anything. The outcome is not determined by your effort or skills. Selvatica has true and tried equipment that is tested frequently. Allow their experienced staff to take care of everything.

Speaking of which…

4.-Find somewhere that knows your name

What does that mean? It means you need to pick a place that will pay you personal attention. That’s the biggest advantage Selvatica offers.

Let me explain.

Other places simply collect your money, hand you a ticket, and wish you good luck. Sure, there are operators at each zipline. But they stay at that zipline. You have no guide that goes with you for the whole journey.

Someone who knows your fears and situation. Someone you can trust.

You see…

When you’re at Selvatica, you’re not just another ticket sold. You’re part of the tribe.

5.-Don’t over think it—Just do it

Let’s face it…this isn’t about ziplines or heights. This is about conquering fear itself. Bravery built today will stay with you forever.

Think about it. Decades later from now, will you remember that morning you spent drinking at the beach?

Or will you remember the triumphant day, when you, yes YOU, conquered your fear of heights by ziplining in Cancun at Selvatica?

Finally. Stare fear in the eye without flinching. Join the tribe.

Visit the best place to zipline in Cancun and book a tour with Selvatica.

We’ll make sure you conquer your fear of heights.

awesome day ziplining in Cancun

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