The CRAZY Bungee-Zipline-ATV-Cenote Cancun Jungle Adventure!

The Same Tired Routine

Are you bored?

Think about it. It’s the same routine every day.

Alarm goes off. You take a shower. Eat breakfast (if you’re lucky). Head to work all day. Get stressed. Come home. Make dinner for the family. (Scratch that. You’re too tired to make dinner.) So you call Chinese take-out.

Put on the news. Shake your head at the nonsense. Watch a TV show.  Put the kids to bed. Yawn. Head to bed.

And do the exact same thing tomorrow.

And the day after. And the day after that.

The weekends? Well…they’re not much better. Sure. You’re off of work, and that’s great. But you’ve already gone to all the bars and restaurants downtown.

And let’s face it…there was never really much to do downtown anyways. How many weekends in a row can you go bowling?

The Big City…Yikes

You’ve thought about packing your bags and heading to the big city. That’s where everyone else goes when they’re bored. And sure…there are lots of things to do in the big city. No doubt about that.

But still…it’s a big city.

And with big cities come big crowds of people. Usually in very tight spaces. And we all know what happens when you pack tons of people in small spaces. People get edgy. Heck, you may even call it rude.

You’ve gone to the big city before. You felt cramped. No. You felt downright claustrophobic. Nobody said ‘thank you’ or ‘please’. It’s just a different world than what you’re used to.

Selvatica Adventure Park in Cancun

Isn’t there a place to go, that’s exciting AND not the big city?

You know…some magical place that brings the best of both worlds?

And then you remember Mike from the office. You overheard him the other day talking about his crazy adventure in Cancun, Mexico. Ziplines you heard him say. Didn’t he also say “ATV’s in the mud”?

Wow. Ziplining in Cancun! Now THAT would be an adventure of a lifetime, you think to yourself. In fact…a crazy jungle adventure in Cancun may be just what you need to wake yourself up from sleepwalking through life.

So you look for tickets to Cancun. Wow. Are they really that cheap? Then you look at Trip Advisor. You find Cancun, and then Outdoor Activities.

 Trip Advisor Reviews on Selvatica


You say to yourself “let’s go with the #1 outdoor activity in Cancun, Selvatica”.

You start reading all of the reviews. Soon…you realize a pattern. You start to see that there are a lot of people, just like you, who have visited Selvatica before.

You see a review from Tiffany Mitchell Reeves, 45, from Baldwin City, California:
“We had the best time…our guide couldn’t have been more fun if he tried. The whole staff was wonderful!!! Would highly recommend this excursion!!!”

Then you see another review from Stacy Raymond Brule, 43, from Jordan, Michigan:

“We absolutely loved Selvatica. It is well worth the money, Staff was excellent and very friendly and helpful. We will definitely visit again. so much fun!!!! My 12-year-old was a little nervous about jumping and doing superman and they encouraged him and he tried everything. This was a highlight of our trip. Absolutely awesome. If I could give more than 5 stars I would give them the highest possible”

That’s all you need to read. “Selvatica…was the highlight of our trip” . So now you’re interested and you go to the Selvatica website.

You see the Gimme All Package. It has EVERYTHING you need to have the ultimate outdoor adventure in Cancun.

Bungees, Ziplines, ATVs, and Cenotes—all in the Cancun Jungle! How do you say no to that?

You decide right then and there. You book the Gimme All Package.

You’re so proud, you show everyone at work. Before you know it, someone looks on Youtube for video examples of each activity.





The crazy bungee and zipline at selvatica

Whoa! After that, two more people at the office decide to join in!

They’re calling it “The CRAZY Bungee-Zipline-ATV-Cenote Cancun Jungle Adventure”.

The best part? Rick from New York City said “wish we had stuff like that back home”. If you can make the big city peeps jealous, you know you’re vacationing somewhere awesome.

You’ve got your ticket to Cancun. You’ve booked Selvatica’s Gimme All package.

Now you’re wondering…what do I do before ziplining in Cancun?

Zipline in Cancun’s Jungle at Selvatica [4 WILD Reasons]

Zipline in Cancun’s Jungle at Selvatica [4 WILD Reasons]

Why vacation in Cancun? Because Cancun is where dreams come true. This is the place where truly anything can happen. Most people think Cancun is where you lay down at the beach all day. Yawn. There’s more to Cancun than that! such as zipline in cancun’s

Why vacation in Cancun? Because Cancun is the land of amazing adventures.

If you want to try something for the first time, there’s no better place than Cancun. The natural sceneries are stunning. The locals provide enthusiastic customer support. And the prices? Well, you’re not going to find prices this low in the US, that’s for sure.

But where in Cancun can you find the best adventures? Where is the best place to zipline in Cancun?

That place is outdoor adventure park, Selvatica. Let me give you 4 wild reasons why you should zipline in Cancun’s Jungle at Selvatica.

1.-Welcome to the Jungle!

Sure, everyone knows about Cancun’s beaches. But the real adventure is in the wild. In the jungle. Smell the jungle breeze in the air. There’s really nothing like it. Listen to the parrot’s squawk. Watch them spread their brightly colored plumage.

Listen to the parrot’s squawk

You see that dense jungle canopy over you?

In not too long, you’re going to be looking down at that canopy. You’re going to be looking eye-to-eye with those parrots. That’s the only way to zipline in Cancun. In the thick Mayan jungle.

Here’s where your spirit will return to its primal self.  This is where we all originated.

Welcome Home. Welcome to Selvatica.

2.-O.M.G. Is that a human roller-coaster?

Now that you’re pumped and ready to go, let’s have some extreme outdoor fun. Who has the best ziplines in Cancun? Selvatica!

Let me explain why.

Selvatica has the most insane zipline ever. No, really. It’s so crazy and wild, it’s more than a zipline. In fact, it’s more like a human roller-coaster.

Ziplines use gravity to pull you in one direction. Those are actually really fun. Selvatica’s extreme canopy tour has PLENTY of them. You can go upside-down. Face-first. It’s extreme entertainment at its finest.

But that’s just the beginning…

Introducing: Tarzania, the Human Roller-Coaster!

What makes this different? First you’ll go down. But then you’ll go up quickly. Then back down. Oh yeah, you’re also going left, but then right. This Cancun zipline is in a class of its own. There’s NO other zipline in Cancun even close to this.

If this zipline doesn’t make you go ‘AAAAAH’, you’re not alive.

the human roller coaster

This is Selvatica. Home to the ONLY Human Roller-Coaster in Cancun

3.-Wanna make a big splash? Zipline into a Cenote!

Who doesn’t love a cenote? They’re crystal clear. Refreshing. Clean. Best of all? No saltiness to deal with after.

Let’s face it: After spending a wild day in the humid jungle, you’re going to need some freshening up before you head back. Why not enjoy yourself in the process?

Picture this: You’re muddy. Sweaty. And super exhausted. And then you see it. A sparkling cenote just beckoning you to enter. But you’re not going to just walk in the cenote. You’re in Selvatica! Land of the wild. Home of the extreme. No. When you’re in Selvatica, you don’t back down from a challenge.

You walk up the stairs. Grab on the zipline and jump off and then SPLASH!

Now that’s how you make an entrance at Selvatica!

4.-Over 20 years in the extreme outdoor biz

There’s a reason nobody does outdoor adventures like Selvatica. Selvatica has over 20 years of experience—more than other company in Cancun.

What does this mean for you? When you’re at Selvatica, you can feel safe and secure. They know what they’re doing. This isn’t a marketing slogan. They have the track record of safety to prove it.

Wanna go ziplining in Cancun? Go with the experts. Go with Selvatica.

There you have if folks. That was 4 wild reasons to ziplining in Cancun’s jungle at Selvatica. Which was your favorite reason? Did we miss one? Sound off below!