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Trying to find the best place to ride ATVs in Cancun?

Everyone loves ATVs in Cancun.

I mean, who wouldn’t love….

  • Taking advantage of a rainy day and getting MUDDY
  • Relieving some stress and letting loose
  • Quenching your thirst for adrenaline

Selvatica’s ATV Tour

When people want to ride ATVs in Cancun, they think Selvatica.


Let’s start with the obvious.

Polaris ATV

This is no ordinary ATV in Cancun. This is a Polaris. The brand synonymous with top-of-the-line ATV adventures.

With a Polaris ATV you get…

  • Razor tight turning
  • Shock absorbers hungry for potholes
  • Lightning fast acceleration

But that’s just the beginning…

You’ll also get to ride our EXHILIRATING 10 zipline circuit.

And it’s not just the same zipline over and over again. We’re talking 3 different ziplines like…

  1. The Cenote Splash Zipline
  2. The Glove-Control Zipline
  3. The Upside Down Zipline

The Big Splash Cenote

Then finish things by taking a refreshing dip into our cenote where you can…

  • Revitalize yourself with an invigorating swim
  • Clean all that mud off of you
  • Jump off the cliff for an incredible dive

Discover what everyone on Trip Advisor has known for years…

Selvatica Adventure Park is the BEST place for ATVs in Cancun.

Book Now and Have the Adventure of a Lifetime TODAY!

Important information:

  • To drive you must be 16+ and show a valid ID.

Don't forget:

  • Swim suits, towels, & comfortable clothes, Cash or credit card for photos, lockers, souvenirs, drinks & tips!!

ATV Includes:

Door to door shuttle
10 Zip lines Circuit
Polaris or ATV (Jungle Circuit)
Swim in a cenote
Soft Lunch & Non alcoholic beverages
Min. Age to Drive 16+
Half day tour
All Weather

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Selvatica - Top Rated on TripAdvisor
Upside-down Zipline at Selvatica
"Loved it!"

Our family had so much fun and will be back as the roller coaster zip line was full the week we were there. We did the ATV, zip line, bridges & cenotes.

Zipline at Selvatica
"Even Better Than I Remembered"

We were in Playa Mujeres for husband's annual work incentive trip. We are allowed to choose two excursions on these annual trips. Since I'm more the adventure-seeker than my husband, we usually do one boating/snorkel day together and then I choose a more exciting second excursion. Last year I chose zip

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