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Extreme Canopy

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$99 Adults
$49 Children

Where is the Best Place for Ziplines in Cancun?

Try Selvatica’s Extreme Canopy Tour!

Here you can…

  • Get a SPECTACULAR bird’s eye view over the jungle canopy
  • Receive a jolt of adrenaline while enjoying the best of mother nature

Selvatica’s Ziplines in Cancun

Selvatica has a 10-zipline circuit featuring 4 THRILLING different types of ziplines in 4 different tours.

  1. Tarzania: The Human Roller-Coaster Zipline, now available in this tour!
  2. The Cenote Splash Zipline ( Included in all tours)
  3. The Glove-Control Zipline ( Included in all tours)
  4. The Flying Superman Ziplines  ( Find it in Gimme All tour)

Why Choose Selvatica’s Extreme Canopy Tour?

Selvatica does ziplines better than anyone in Cancun for 3 simple reasons.

  1. We have more experience (over 20 years) than any other zipline operator in Cancun
  2. We have the more unique ziplines in Cancun
  3. We are Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun with nearly 6,000 perfect, 5 out 5 stars reviews.

Discover what everyone on Trip Advisor has known for years…

Selvatica Adventure Park is the BEST place for ziplines in Cancun.

Book Now and Have the Adventure of a Lifetime TODAY!

Important information:

  • For Ziplines the maximum waist length is 47″ or 120 cm.

Don't forget:

  • Swim suits, towels, & comfortable clothes, Cash or credit card for photos, lockers, souvenirs, drinks & tips!!

Extreme Canopy Includes:

10 Zipline Circuit
Swim in a cenote

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