Selvatica - parte del mapa para selvatica en la riviera maya

Offroad Polaris

Regular Price
$155 Adults
$85 Children

Fast and furious with an excessive dose of FUN!!

The adventure begins with a thrilling treetop flight, speeding right through the heart of the jungle on an unforgettable 10 zipline circuit; on your last cable you get the option of landing dry or getting wet on our AquaZip!!

Your then off to Tarzania zipline coaster; this one-of-a-kind attraction carries you through the jungle delivering an intense, adrenaline rush. Next, challenge our rope course which will have you sky-walking from atop; Feel the adrenaline pumping as you take a leap of faith and jump from our super fun Parachute drop!

Next-up is the off-road circuit; Choose between a powerful ATV or a side by side Polaris RZR buggy to
maneuver the tight curves and fast straight-aways on this Mud-Madness track!!! Finally the grand finale is the rewarding and refreshing swim in the private paradise of our beautiful cenote!

Offroad includes:

OffRoad Tour at Selvatica
  • Door to door shuttle
  • 10 zip-line circuit
  • Aqua-zip / optional in last cable
  • Tarzania (zipline coaster)
  • Rope course
  • Parachute jump
  • Polaris RZR or ATV
  • Swim in our private cenote “sinkhole”
  • Light lunch & wáter

Important information:

  • To drive you must be 16+ and show a valid ID.* To ride Co-Pilot you must be at least 8 years old.
  • Zipliners & Skywalkers max waist size: 47’’ / 120 cm.
  • Tarzania min. weight: 45 kg / 99 lb
  • Tarzania max. weight: 110 kg / 243 lb
  • Applies optional vehicle insurance for off road vehicles / Sold at park

Don't forget:

  • Swim suit, towels, & comfortable clothes, Cash or credit card for photos, lockers, souvenirs, drinks & tips!!

Offroad Polaris Includes:

10 Zipline Circuit
Swim in a cenote
4 Aerial Bridges
ATV or Polaris


Selvatica - hojas de página selvatica en la riviera maya