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Offroad Polaris

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$155 Adults
$85 Children

Looking to go Offroading in Cancun?

There are a lot of places to pick from, when it comes to offroading in Cancun. How do you know which place is best?

Selvatica’s Offroad Polaris

This thrilling adventure has everything you need to go offroading in Cancun.
Here’s What You Get.

Polaris RZR Buggy

There’s simply no other 4WD ATV like it.

Why? Because it can…

  • Turn on a dime with its easy to use steering wheel
  • Eat potholes for breakfast with its phenomenal suspension system
  • Keeps your tires glued to the road with its high-level traction

But there’s MORE to the Offroading Polaris Tour…

You also get to…

  • Soar over the Mayan jungle canopy on our 10 zipline circuit
  • Traverse across our 4 high-above-the-ground SkyWalk Bridges
  • End things with a refreshing dip in our crystal clear cenote
  • And now TARZANIA the human roller coaster!

Discover Why Selvatica is Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity

Offroading in Cancun doesn’t get any better than this. Book the Offroading Polaris Tour right now!

Important information:

  • To drive you must be 16+ and show a valid ID.* To ride Co-Pilot you must be at least 8 years old. For aerial activities the maximum waist length is 47″ or 120 cm.

Don't forget:

  • Swim suits, towels, & comfortable clothes, Cash or credit card for photos, lockers, souvenirs, drinks & tips!!

Offroad Polaris Includes:

10 Zipline Circuit
Swim in a cenote
4 Aerial Bridges
ATV or Polaris

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Selvatica - hojas de página selvatica en la riviera maya