A Ton of Mud and a Sip of Tequila!

We jumpstart the adventure by welcoming you into the tribe, learning Selvatica’s mystique heritage and our exciting story in the jungle. Then pick your powerful 4×4 vehicle and maneuver the sharp turns and the extreme trails on this Mud Madness track.

Enjoy the two exclusive sinkholes Kumala and Lukuma Cenotes, where a picnic will refresh your energy while embracing nature then mix your excitement and master the art of cocktails by the hand of our Mexologo. Learn traditional and modern techniques with a legendary twist, and fix your Aaaah-Mazing drinks with the premium, 100% agave Maestro Dobel Tequila, pair it with mexican “botana” (snack) made by y’all and enjoy this wilderness oasis.

4 hours of pure adrenaline, to convert any into a Citizen of the Jungle. The perfect way to cool off and have fun, especially if you’re a WILD petrol head.