What to Pack & What to Wear for Ziplining in Cancun? 2019

What to Pack & What to Wear for Ziplining in Cancun? 2019 (UPDATED) If you want a hasslefree time ziplining in Cancun then keep reading. You’re making your way to the white sand, turquoise water and dense green jungles of the Caribbean but aren’t sure if you know all the TIPS and TRICKS to make your trip worry free? We’ll go over the ULTIMATE list for ziplining in Cancun together. (This is an updated version of a very complete and useful post we made some time ago)

Let’s go over the basics.

  1. What you need to do before visiting the airport
  2. What sort of clothing you will need in Cancun
  3. What you need for the beach or Cancun water activities

1. Before the Airport

Before you freak out at the airport make sure you have all of the following items in order. The last thing you want to do is buy things last minute there.

1.    Is your Passport is expired or will it expire soon?

us passport Although this sounds a bit obvious, sometimes time goes by so fast and before we realize it the 10 years its due for have gone by! Check this link to see if you qualify for an emergency passport. Some can be delivered OVER-NIGHT. (Beware it is quite pricey so don’t opt for it unless it’s an emergency). https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports/services/expedited.html 2. Hot & Cold (attire) However tempting it may be, PLEASE DO NOT hop on the plane thinking that it’s all going to be warm and toasty. The temperatures at airports and Airplanes can be unexpected. You don’t want to find yourself sweating or freezing while dreading the wait to get out of there ASAP. opposite-adjectives-hot-and-cold_1308-2851- bring a sweater to cancun- checklist Frequent travelers know this:
  • Be ready for hot/cold temperatures.
  • If you’re gonna wear sandals, don’t forget to bring socks.
  • If you’re gonna use a tank-top, don’t forget to pack a sweater in your carry-on or personal item.
Which reminds me of…

3.    Does your luggage follow your airline carrier’s luggage policy?

suit cases allowed - check before visiting cancun There’s always a person complaining about their luggage or carry on at the desk or with a Special Services employee when at an airport. You don’t want to hear them, or let alone be in their place. To avoid this embarrassing and time-consuming problem read on: Sometimes airlines will let you bring one suitcase for free. Others don’t even allow you to bring a carry-on without an extra cost! Look it up and don’t have unnecessary issues! 4. Pack the ESSENTIALS travel essentials - what to bring to cancun - a cancun checklist
  1. Bring your prescription medicine. Not only that but bring the prescription itself.
  2. Also, if you wear glasses, bring a spare pair (contacts too).
  3. Take out cash beforehand, and tell your bank you will be traveling. Otherwise, your card could be blocked accidentally for fraud.
  4. Take a photocopy of your passport and bring it with you everywhere. Some places don’t accept foreign Driver’s licenses as an official form of ID.
  5. Bring a tablet or eBook for entertainment purposes (not every airline offers personalized viewing experiences).

What to wear in Cancun

How about we begin with the obvious. Swimwear (get 2 case one is still wet) (Professional tip: bring plastic bags from home. Consider it. Where would you like to keep your wet swimming outfits and towels? By your cell phone or dry garments?) Light-wear clothing like tank-tops, shirts, and shorts (or dynamic wear or easygoing wear.) Comfy footwear (shoes, flip-flops, tennis shoes, water-shoes) This is what you’re forgetting: Warm clothing! Be that as it may, isn’t Cancun warm and bright? Isn’t that the general purpose?! All things considered, obviously to the two inquiries. Be that as it may… You’re sitting above A/C! Transports, lodgings, air terminals, eateries and more places can be very freezing. TIP: Be smart. Pack a sweater/cover!   This is what you need:
  • 2 beach towels (on the off chance that one is as still wet)
  • Sunblock (make sure it’s biodegradable! A few activities require it)
  • Aloe Vera—just on the off chance that you get a sun burn!
  • Waterproof case for telephone or camera
  • Water-shoes (particularly helpful in cenotes and different activities)
  • Snorkel + fins (this spares you cash on rentals and enables you to have gear that fits, perfectly)
  • Beach sack to keep everything convenient and sorted out
  TIP: Call your mobile phone supplier to see whether you can pay for cell administration in Mexico. In the event that you have T-Mobile, you’re in luck. You’ll have free access in Mexico. Different administrations generally offer every-day expense. In any case, bring ahead of time or you could stall out with RIDICULOUS meandering charges!  
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