Selvatica - parte del mapa para selvatica en la riviera maya

Extreme Canopy

Regular Price
$99 Adults
$49 Children

Here’s an adventure that demands bragging rights!!

Gear up and before you know it you’ll be high up over a tree overlooking the jungle. Your heart will be pounding and the adrenaline flowing as you take flight on the first of 10 Worldclass Ziplines, (the last zipline is for you to decide if you want to finish dry or get soaked in our all-new AquaZip!), then, you’re off to Tarzania, the Zipline Coaster. This is the ultimate jungle ride to unleash your primal Tarzan yell!!
Once your feet are back on the ground it’s time to head farther into the jungle on a Safari Truck ride; your destination…our very own private cenote. This natural waterhole is the perfect way to freshen up and play!!

Extreme Canopy features:

OffRoad Tour at Selvatica
  • Door to door shuttle
  • 10 zip-line circuit
  • Aqua-zip / optional in last cable
  • Tarzania (zipline coaster)
  • Swim in our private cenote “sinkhole”
  • Light lunch & water

Important information:

  • Zipliners max waist size: 47’’ / 120 cm.
  • Tarzania min. weight: 45 kg / 99 lb
  • Tarzania max. weight: 110 kg / 243 lb

Don't forget:

  • Swim suit, towels, & comfortable clothes, Cash or credit card for photos, lockers, souvenirs, drinks & tips!!

Extreme Canopy Includes:

10 Zipline Circuit
Swim in a cenote


Selvatica - hojas de página selvatica en la riviera maya