Selvatica: Family Tours in the Riviera Maya

Travelling with your family has never been this fun and wild!

Keep on reading to find out why Selvatica has the best family tours in the Riviera Maya.

the Superman Zipline


If you want to make the most out of your stay in the Mayan Riviera,  you MUST go to Selvatica. I guarantee you will have an amazing time and enjoy every last bit, because a day at Selvatica, is a day well spent. Here is a list of the 5 major reasons why you and your family should go ASAP.

1.- Family Friendly:

the Selvatica Team


Selvatica is the perfect place for families to strengthen their bonds, and face fears! Most of the activities are suitable for the whole family, however when they aren’t it simply is because of safety reasons, as we are meticulous with our customer’s wellbeing.

For all the adventurous families out there, Selvatica’s awesome attractions await! Explore the Mexican Caribbean like never before, and make this a memorable vacation…

2. Safety First

Flying above the jungle in Cancun


Having fun without being safe is a big NO. With 20+ years of experience, we are constantly improving our security measures to ensure your experience is the most satisfying possible. Selvatica is certified by the ACCT:

The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) is an international trade association, accredited standards developer for the global challenge course, aerial adventure park, canopy tour, and zip line industry.

This being said, you can be sure about Selvatica’s safety measures being taken seriously by the excellently trained staff.

3. The BEST Staff, Seriously.

The Selvatica team


Not only are they model employees in customer service, but they’re also extremely entertaining! There are no dull moments with Selvatica’s staff. As you arrive, you are warmly welcomed by our friendly staff, and from beginning to end they are sure to keep you on your toes.

Your little ones will definitely have a blast, and they’ll be interested in each activity thanks to the staff’s engaging attitude. You will immediately see their interest in your wellbeing and their great passion for what they do.

4. Social Commitment

social commitment



Selvatica says less talking, more acting. With the constant battle of poverty and famine, Selvatica’s concern is big. That is why we invite you to join our cause and participate, for the future generation’s sake… But that is not all! Planet Earth is also in danger… Selvatica’s Seed of Life program has planted over 300,000 trees, and we need you to help keep this number growing!

5. Discounts all-year round

Get great discounts all year



Selvatica is one of the best picks for Family tours in the Riviera Maya simply because who doesn’t love a bargain?! Get all of the fun and all of the memories for a lower price all year round. We ensure you the best prices and the best experience you can imagine. You can see for yourself if you follow our social media and check our website for new discounts, packages and promo codes!

Instagram: selvatica_cancun

Facebook: Selvatica Cancun

For the fans of extreme excursions, Cancun is your playground.

We hope to see you soon… Hasta la vista baby!

The Only 100% Natural Park in Cancun: Selvatica

The Caribbean is full of wonderful destinations and extremely fun parks/activities. There is a wide variety of sinkholes, ancient ruins, and nature or adventure parks. NATURE PARKS should have to do with being eco-friendly, sustainable, and other aspects related to caring for planet Earth, right? Well, over the past years this term has become very unclear and flexible, so most parks don’t actually qualify to be a REAL Nature Park. That is where Selvatica comes in, being the only 100% Natural Park in Cancun.

Guilt-Free Natural Park

Usually, when talking about guilt-free anything, the most common topics revol ve around: guilt-free snacks, guilt-free brands that support minorities and good causes, etc.

Selvatica supports charities through amazing programs like the Helping Hands program, that contributes to society by giving hope to the lives of the impoverished youth, or the Seed of Life program that we’ll mention in a bit.

However, there is another kind of guilt-free that not everyone is talking about, although they should: Guilt-Free Natural Parks. “But HOW can a natural park be guilt-free?” Here is how:

Mindless fun is not fun.

La escuelita foundation

When thinking about spending your money and time on an amusement park or an adventure park, you go with a “live in the moment” mindset, right? What would you think if I told you that the fun you are having is actually going to bite you back later on? You’d probably say I’m crazy, but hang in there, I will explain it all to you.

As I said above, mindless fun is NOT FUN. And by mindless fun, I mean many things such as not caring about safety or not following instructions, to not knowing about the place you are visiting and what their values are. Know that I wasn’t born knowing this, and I don’t expect you to have been either, but in this technology era, we tend to forget how easy educating ourselves on ANY topic can be!

I know that the last thing that ever crosses your mind before visiting your vacation destination is “Oh, let me search for the company’s values or if what they claim is more than just words”. I get it. But it is soooo easy, that in just one click you can get hundreds of thousands of pages with articles like this one, that can open your eyes.

Not everything is what it seems


The term Natural Park has become blurry and unclear, many claims being authentic whilst knowing that it is not entirely true. Selvatica wants to be transparent with its clients, and we back up our words with the ONLY important thing here: actions!

For starters, when you come to visit us, the atmosphere is pretty obvious and hard to not feel drawn to. You can hear the animals and critters as you drive on our pathway through Puerto Morelos’ jungle, and you might even spot some cool exotic animals!

Selvatica has strived for excellence from day one and promised to take care of our planet Earth, trying to preserve all of its beauty. We don’t expect you to believe that the road you drive on was there when we started building, but you will see for yourself how our forest is almost 100% virgin.

We achieved the latter by carefully planning our building so that the least amount of trees are torn down, AND we have the Seed of Life Program.
The Seed of Life program has planted over 300,000 trees!

Be mindful, and choose right. The planet and its people’s wellbeing are in our hands.


Why Does Selvatica Have The Best Cancun Ziplines?

You may be wondering… Where are The Best Cancun Ziplines

Why does everyone on Trip Advisor swear: “Selvatica has The Best Cancun Ziplines!”

What’s SO great about Selvatica’s zip lines?

Is it the price? Is it the location? Is it the total zip line experience?

Read further and find out!

All will be revealed in this article.

Today we will learn exactly why Selvatica has the top zip lines in Cancun!

1. Location:

How to get there with exact directions.

2. Prices:

Find out how much you can spend (& save).

3. Zipline Details:

Discover what makes Selvatica’s zip lines the best in Cancun.

4. The Staff at Selvatica

Learn why the people working here at Selvatica earn rave reviews on TripAdvisor for their incredible service.

5. Selvatica’s Social Commitment

Find out how Selvatica stays in harmony with its lush surrounding and how it betters the lives of impoverished youths.

Let’s dive in!

1. Where is Selvatica (and how do I get there)?

When booking or considering a tour on your next vacation, the first question that pops into anyone’s head is, ‘how do I get there?’.

It’s natural, especially when you are in a new and unfamiliar place. No one likes to waste time on vacation getting lost.

Fear not!

Every tour and program that Selvatica offers provides you with the option to pay for roundtrip transportation.

This means that no matter where you’re staying Selvatica will come and get you and drop you off again at your desired location.


However, if you are somewhat of an adventurist and you prefer arriving on your own, here’s how to do it.

Try  Google Map Directions to Selvatica.

Mexico, and this region of the Yucatan, in general, is fairly easy to navigate. The highways are straight and as long as you know where to get off you it’s a piece of cake.


If you’re traveling here from another country, your mobile data coverage may not be reliable here.

What to do in this case?

Don’t worry. Download these Google Maps into your phone from a Wi-Fi connection and you will be able to access them at all times.

Here are the official instructions on how to do that.

For Android click here.

For iOS click here.

Selvatica can be found in the heart of the jungle half way between Playa del Carmen and Cancun, close to Puerto Morelos.

When coming to the Caribbean it’s easy to become mesmerized by the pristine powdery white sands, and impressive hotels that dominate the coastlines but there’s an understated side of paradise that often goes unnoticed.

We believe the jungle deserves your attention!

Its lush setting provides the perfect backdrop for the ultimate outdoor adventure. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else.

2. How much do The Best Cancun Ziplines at Selvatica cost?

There are two ways to answer this.

So, if you are ONLY interested in zip lines, choose:

A. “Extreme Canopy Zipline Adventure”

Ziplining in the middle of the jungle

How much it costs online (prices vary, so please confirm online):

$69 USD & Up for Adults

$42 USD & Up for Children

Why do the prices vary?

Well, it all depends on what time of year you book (high season or low season), the size of your group, the time of day, and so on.

Buy online and in advance to get discounts. Selvatica continually runs different promos on their site so it’s worth checking it out before you get here.

If you’re lucky you may even be able to pair your ticket with a Dolphinaris (swim with dolphins) or Ventura Park (the only waterpark in Cancun) experience.

Be sure not to miss out on these top attractions!

What you get:

4 different zip lines in a 10 zipline course.

Learn the details of this wild zip line adventure here.

Now if you want zip lines AND ATVs (real ATVs, not glorified golf-carts like some of our competitor’s push), choose:


Ride an ATV

This one is for the petrol heads of the family! Rev’em up and put the pedal to the metal.

How much it costs online (prices vary, so please confirm online):

  • $108.50 and Up for Adults
  • $59.50 and Up for Kids

What you get:

Real ATV’s, plus 10 zipline circuit, cenote swim, hanging aerial bridges, & Tanzania, the Human Roller-Coaster.

Learn more about the Offroad Polaris tour here.

Having a hard time deciding between the two? Then you might want to consider:

C. “Gimme All”

Fly as a bird at Selvatica's new attraction

This is the ultimate all-day package.

It includes everything that Selvatica has to offer. If you want to experience it ALL this is the package for you.

How much it costs online (again, PRICES VARY, SO PLEASE CONFIRM ONLINE):

  • $155 USD & Up for Adults
  • $77 USD & Up for Children

What you get:

It has everything option A, and B, have, except it also includes a wild bungee swing, and a crazy jungle coaster.

Learn more about the ultimate Gimme All Package here.

3. What makes Selvatica’s zip lines the most thrilling in Cancun?

Variety is the spice of life. Everyone knows that. Who wants to ride the same zip line over and over?

Boring right?

Well, you won’t have to at Selvatica. Because here there are 4 different kinds of ziplines:

The inventors here wracked their brains to bring you the most fun and innovative ziplines imaginable.

1. Superman Zipline

Make your childhood dreams come true!

The Best Cancun Ziplines

Get your Superman on with this face-first zipline!

If you ever wished that your superpower could be that you can fly, then dreams really do come true at Selvatica!

On the Superman Zip Line, you can soar through the air head first as if you were a real superhero. Get ready to flex those guns and strike a pose as you soak up the lush surroundings of the Mexican Mayan jungle from a new perspective.

Don’t worry if it sounds or seems a little daunting at first, the Selvatica team will be on hand every step of the way if you need any help and most importantly to make sure you’re having fun.

You can’t help but feel a real sense of accomplishment after this one.

2. Cenote Splash Zipline

Time to cool off!

Jump into a cenote in the Riviera Maya

After all the excitement and adrenaline of whizzing through the hot Mexican jungle what better way to cap off the day than to cool off in a refreshing fresh water cenote.

In case you didn’t know cenotes are a stunning natural phenomenon unique to this area of the world. Once considered by the ancient Maya to be the portals to the netherworld these freshwater swimming areas should be on everyone’s bucket list.

The water here has been filtered through million-year-old rock formations. It’s fresh, not salty, and feels holistic to the skin.

Cenotes are visually stunning and the one here at Selvatica definitely won’t disappoint.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s the opportunity to make a splash and zip line into the water!


3. Glove Control Zipline

The power is in your hands!

The Best Cancun Ziplines

This exhilarating zip line allows you to set your own speed by keeping a grip on the wire with your specially designed glove. Use a tighter grip to slow down or release for full velocity.

How fast will you dare to go?

After this one, you will feel like a successful conqueror of the outdoors.

4. Tanzania: The Human Roller-Coaster

Full of mega twists and turns!

The Best Cancun Ziplines

Is it a roller-coaster? Or is it a zip line? Or is it something so amazing, you’ve never even seen it before!?

You’ll have to try it out to find out for sure!

Tanzania is one of the favorites here at Selvatica, it’s innovative design combines all of our favorite thrills into one epic ride full of exciting twists and turns.

On this zip line don’t expect to simply expect to head in a downwards motion Tanzania will take you in every direction possible.

Are you ready for the ride?

4. The Staff at Selvatica

Teamwork makes the dream work!

the Selvatica Team

The experience here at Selvatica wouldn’t have earned its accolades if it wasn’t for the enthusiastic, professional, and fun staff that work here!

Selvatica only hires the best!

All you have to do is take one look at the TripAdvisor reviews to see just how many times visitors are praising the staff. Unlike other zip lining competitors in the region, Selvatica offers a personalized experience.

You are definitely NOT left to your own devices.

You traverse the course together in a small group, and the same guide stays with you throughout the entire course and even gets to know you on a first name basis.

5. Selvatica’s Social Commitment

Selvatica cares deeply about two things:

  1. Our planet
  2. Our people

The Seed of Life Program

As we already know Planet Earth is in trouble.

Our seed of life program

As deforestation increases, so to do our carbon footprints.

. Selvatica relies on the jungle to provide the ultimate outdoor experience! That’s why as a debt of honor they are dedicated to giving something back and creating a sustainable infrastructure.

You can join them in their efforts to shrink the carbon footprint!

The Seed of Life Program at Selvatica has so far planted over 300,000 trees with that number rising every single day.

These trees absorb over 7.8 millions of tons of CO2 every year! Pretty impressive, right?

On Selvatica’s new Beyond tour you will be able to plant a seed which, in turn, will help our planet breathe easier in many years to come.

The Helping Hands Program

Selvatica takes a hands-on approach when it comes to helping better the lives of impoverished youths.
This program helps provide sporting equipment/leagues and technical training to more than 100 former juvenile gang members.

La escuelita foundation

With your help, Selvatica can rehabilitate these troubled youths and pave a new and positive path for them to follow.

So, there you have it. Now you see why Selvatica is the King of Cancun Ziplines!

Go on an Adventure + Help Save the Planet w/ Selvatica!

Our planet is in DANGER.


Because deforestation is happening at an alarming rate.

But guess what?

We can do something about it AND embark on the Cancun adventure of your life.

We’re going to show you 3 things in this article.

  1. First, we’ll explain what’s wrong with our planet as it relates to deforestation.

Remember, before we can solve anything, we must learn what the problem is first.

  1. Then, we’ll show you exactly what you can do to help save the planet w/ Selvatica!
  2. And finally, we’ll detail your reward: an EPIC Cancun adventure at Trip Advisor’s #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun, Selvatica!


Let’s do this!

The Alarming Facts around Deforestation

  • Up to 28,000 species may go extinct due to deforestation in the next quarter century
  • 28,000 species are at risk of extinction in the next 25 years
  • In 15 years, we may only have 10% of rainforests left
  • Each year a forest as large as the state of South Carolina is lost every year
  • That’s 20 football fields every minute
  • Potential cures for diseases are being squandered
  • Deforestation speeds up global warming
  • Every time a forest is eliminated, an entire ecology of plants and animals go along with it

Why are trees are being cut down?


agriculture deforestation

Agriculture is the main cause of deforestation.


It can also lead to infertility in the land preventing future growth.

Natural Resources

logging deforestation 2


People remove trees for paper or wood.

Bio Fuels

biofuels are driving deforestation


This is a controversial topic. Some say we need to switch to biofuels to help save the environment.

Others say we haven’t thought this all the way, though. The evidence for this?

The use of palm oil, soy, and ethanol contributes heavily to deforestation.

For Fuel

charcoal driving deforestation


Did you know this?

In most of the developing world, people use burnt trees as charcoal to heat their homes and cook their food.

Roads & Highways

roads leading to deforestation


Because…people need to get places right? This one is a tough one to get around.


People want gold and other precious minerals. This leads to more deforestation.

How does Deforestation Happen?


  1. First, they cut own the trees.
  2. Then they burn them, to kill weeds, and fertilize the soil through ashes.
  3. Finally, they plant their crops.
  4. Once the soil has become infertile, they move on to another cross-section.

How can you help save the planet w/ Selvatica?

Well, first of all, you can support organizations who participate in corporate social responsibility programs.

Like who?

Selvatica! Their “Seed of Life Program” has been a major success.

The results of this program?

Each year Selvatica shrinks their carbon footprint by 7.8 million tons of CO2!

How does the Seed of Life Program work?

At the end of your epic adventure, (which we’ll detail below)…

…you’ll place a seed in an expired zipline helmet

…dig a hole in the ground

…place a seed inside

…water the seed

And let mother nature do the rest!

This is how you can help save the planet w/ Selvatica. Little by little, if we all do our part, we can make a difference.

Are you ready for…

Your Reward: an EPIC Outdoor Adventure at Selvatica!

Selvatica is committed to its social responsibility…but it’s also a place where you can have the most incredible outdoor adventure of your life!

Just look at all of the 5 amazing entertainment options available at Selvatica:

1.      Ziplines

selvatica tour extreme zipline cancun riviera

Soar through the air like an eagle over a forest canopy!

Selvatica has 5 different ziplines for you to choose from like…

  • Superman Zipline (shown above)
  • Upside-Down Zipline
  • Cenote Splash Zipline
  • Glove Control Zipline
  • Human Roller-Coaster Zipline

2.      ATVs

selvatica tour zipline circuit all terrain vehicle

Return to your youth and feel like a kid again!

Is it raining during your Cancun vacation? Don’t worry!

Make the most of it by driving a badass Polaris ATV through the Mayan jungle!

3.      Bungee Jumps

Bungee jump at the best park in Cancun.

YOLO right? Better make the most of it, and live out your bucket list!

4.      Hanging Aerial Bridges

Aerial bridges at the best park in cancun.

Do you want to conquer your fear of heights?

Try Selvatica’s hanging aerial bridges!

5.      Cenotes

Selvatica zipline cenote excursions cancun riviera

Why not end things with a splash?

You see? You can go on an adventure + help save the planet with Selvatica! Remember, help support organizations that take their corporate social responsibility seriously, like Selvatica does.


Help Save the Planet with Selvatica Seed Of Life Program

Help Save the Planet with Selvatica Seed Of Life Program

Our planet is in environmental trouble. But it wasn’t always like this.So the questions become, how did this happen?  Is there something we can do about it?

Let’s give you a very brief history of how our planet’s sustainability became threatened.

It’s actually very simple and straightforward. In 1800 we had only one billion people on the planet.At that time, the Earth was able to regenerate its biosphere quicker than we, as one billion people, were able to extract its natural resources.

But then, we invented a revolution that would help us extract more resources than ever before.


Enter: The Industrial Revolution.

Our productivity skyrocketed after the industrial revolution. People moved from the country to for what we now call a modern city. More people, in a denser space, led to a population increase.

By 1920 our population had doubled, from one billion to two billion. Think about that. It took us ALL of humanity to reach one billion. And then, boom. Just like that, in a blink of an eye, historically speaking, we doubled. Did the earth’s resources double? Obviously not.

But things are just getting started. From 1920 to 1960, our population grew by ANOTHER billion. First billion took our entire existence. The second billion spanned 120 years. Third billion took just 40 years. Again, did the Earth’s resources grow at the same rate? Sadly, not.

The fourth billion happened only 30 years later in 1970. The fifth billion in 1980. The sixth billion in the year 2000. Today we stand at the precipice of 7 billion people on the planet.

To recap, in 220 years our population has grown by 600%, while our planet’s resources have sharply declined.

Think about it this way. Imagine you are hungry and decide to order some pizza. You, being alone, order a personal pan pizza. It arrives and it is enough to satisfy your hunger. Then, the next day, six of your friends show up. All of a sudden, that pizza that was enough for one person, is far from enough for all seven of you.

So what’s the solution? Well, the solution is as simple and straightforward as the problem. If you can, bake more pizza right?

How do we apply that logic to planet earth? It’s easy. We need to curb deforestation by planting more trees. If we are part of the problem, we can become part of the solution.

People tend to dismiss the dangers of deforestation as hippy nonsense. What harm would a few chopped down trees actually do to the planet, those critics argue.

Actually, it’s more than ‘a few’.The real number is closer to 18 million acres of forest per year.That’s one and a half acres every SECOND! Put it another way, that’s 20 football fields every minute. However way you break it down, it’s staggering and alarming.

I can hear critics saying “so what? They’re just trees!?”.

Well, 28,000 species are predicted to become extinct in the next 25 years due to deforestation.We tend to forget how many species call the forest their home.

Still not convinced? How about this: 121 natural remedies which are then converted into modern medicine can be found in forests—and this number is increasing every year.What if the cure for cancer is out there somewhere, and we end up chopping it down to extinction before we even discover its therapeutic properties?

And the last, and perhaps most important reason to help fight against deforestation is climate change.It doesn’t matter which side of the debate you fall in.Whether you think climate change happened naturally or was caused by human activity—the undeniable, irrefutable truth is, more trees help reduce the effects of climate change.

Trees give us cleaner oxygen to breathe.They provide shelter for thousands of species.They provide us with life-saving medicine.

Just don’t forget. The solution is as simple as the problem. If we are cutting too many trees for the earth to regenerate naturally, we have to help plant trees.But who will lead the battle?

Do not despair.

Enter: Selvatica

selvatica save the planet with seed of life program

Selvatica, the number one outdoor adventure park in Latin America is leading the charge.Selvatica has a social commitment program called “Seed Of Life”.It’s simple.We put a tree seed in an expired Selvatica helmet.Then we plant that helmet into the ground and let nature take care of the rest.

What started out as a simple project has ballooned into a major movement.Today, Selvatica’s “seed of life” tree-planting program has planted over 300,000 oxygen-releasing trees! That has shrunk the carbon footprint by an eye-popping 7.8 million tons!

You see it’s all about the circle of life.First, our helmet protects our most precious resource, our brain.Then, after the helmet expires, it helps protect Mother Nature’s most precious resource, our forests.

We want to show our travelers that, if we team up together, we can help save the planet.
Join the Selvatica tribe.Help us fight the good fight. Our planet is in danger and needs our help.

Come to Selvatica and have an unforgettable day of outdoor adventure tours…then become part of the solution by participating in our “seed of life” program and help save the planet.

Selvatica’s Seed Of Life Program.

Join the Tribe & Become Part of the Solution.