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Gimme All

The Adventure

No other tour in the world offers this diverse array of such exciting activities in a single...Read more


Offroad Polaris

The Adventure

The adventure Five amazing jungle experiences packed into the most entertaining half-day of your...Read more


Extreme Canopy

The Adventure

The adventure Elevate the excitement to EXTREME! Gear up for a Cancun adventure tour and before you...Read more



The Adventure

The Adventure This is where the big kids play. A life experience that`s got the perfect amount of...Read more



#1 Adventure activities in Cancun
#Top 5 Outdoor activities in the world
"Loved it!"

Our family had so much fun and will be back as the roller coaster zip line was full the week we were there. We did the ATV, zip line, bridges & cenotes.

"Even Better Than I Remembered"

We were in Playa Mujeres for husband's annual work incentive trip. We are allowed to choose two excursions on these annual trips. Since I'm more the adventure-seeker than my husband, we usually do one boating/snorkel day together and then I choose a more exciting second excursion. Last year I chose zip


Top Ten Cenotes in the Riviera Maya

Each cenote has its own distinct personality that lures you into it. I have yet to travel to any two cenote’s that were completely identical. Let’s take a look at the top ten cenotes in the Riviera Maya to find out what...Read more

What is a Cenote?

Selvatica is Latin America’s number one adventure park. This isn’t a marketing slogan. This is reflective of thousands of peer reviews from Trip Advisor. The results are in. Selvatica is Cancun’s number one outdoor...Read more

4 Best Ziplines in the World

Have you ever thought about trying a zipline? Maybe you’ve had the opportunity but passed it by. Perhaps at the time, you were too apprehensive about the height and/or speed at which the zipline travels. Completely...Read more