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Selvatica’s Frequently Asked Questions

From what age can I participate in Selvatica?

For our Extreme Canopy, 3 years old is the minimum age; from 3 to 11 years old, you will have to pay a nominal admission fee, and from 12 years old, you will have to pay an adult admission fee.


For Off-Road Polaris, Mud Madness, and Gimme all, the minimum age is 8 years old; from 8 to 15 years old, you must pay for a minor admission, and from 16 years old, you will have to pay for an adult admission.

Is there a minimum age to drive ATVs and Polaris?

The minimum driving age is 16, and you must have a valid driver’s license. Children under 16 years of age may be co-drivers.

How long does the ATV tour last?

The tour time will depend on the tour you choose, which can vary between 20 and 35 minutes, depending on how fast you go.

What is the maximum weight of the ziplines?

The maximum in ziplines is 330 pounds or 150 kg, and Tarzania and Super flight is 245 pounds or 110 kilograms.

Does my reservation include food?

Your reservation includes a light lunch of your choice, either chicken, beef, or vegetarian fajitas.

What do I need to bring on my tour?

We suggest you wear comfortable shoes and clothes, a bathing suit, and a change of clothes. If you are going to use ATV, you are sure to get dirty.

Do you have lockers to store my belongings?

Of course, you can rent a locker arriving at the reception if you wish. You can also share it with your companions; the cost is 10 USD, of which five are refundable upon return of the key.

Does my reservation include transportation?

Transportation is not included, but you can add it from 5 to 15 dollars per person at the time of your reservation, depending on where you are staying.

Is it mandatory to buy insurance to use ATVs or Polaris?

Insurance is not mandatory, but it is recommended. The cost is 10 USD for the ATVs and 15 USD for the Polaris; in the case of the 4-position vehicle, the price is 20 USD.

Where are you located?
We are located at km 18 of the route of the cenotes, which leaves Puerto Morelos. See here How to Get to Selvatica
Can I arrive without a reservation?

In Selvatica we have limited spaces, so it is vital to reserve online at least 24 hours before; if your visit is for the same day, we recommend you consult with our agents to verify if spaces are available.