Selvatica + Ventura Park=AMAZING DEAL.

Don't miss out on what many are calling the best part of my Cancun vacation!.
Cancun offers millions of tourists from all over the world a great escape from the repetitive work cycle. Some people choose to lay down at the beach and have a few drinks. That's nice. But eventually, some get hungry for excitement. You know? They want a true adventure that'll get their adrenaline juices flowing.
And there's not better place for adventure than the Mayan Jungle at Selvatica. Enjoy the adventure in 2 amazing parks, this is the best deal during your vacations time Selvatica offer you ziplines, ATVs, Polaris, cenotes, bungee, human roller coaster 'Tarzania', superflight and the new attraction JUNGLE COASTER, Do you want it? You got it! Dont't stop the fun during your vacations time, after your incredible experience in Selvatica we want you to visit the best Amusement Park in Cancun VENTURA PARK Located in the 25 km of the hotel zone in Cancun, Ventura Park is a family amusement park in Cancun with fun for everyone. This means, no matter who you are child, teenager, or adult there's something just for you. It's the perfect park for the entire family.
Wet'n Wild is a waterslide park with plenty of fun & exciting water activities. If you're looking for adventure go to Aaa! where you'll find thrilling activities like ziplines and bungee swings. Those with young children are going to love Fun World's child-friendly activities. Grand Prix puts you and your family behind the wheel at a beautiful seaside go-kart track. Get a glimpse of the future with Underworld's entertaining arcade that features state-of-the-art activities like Virtual Reality. And Dolphinaris is Cancun's #1 option for memorable dolphin swims.
Buying ANY TOUR IN SELVATICA you get a 50% OFF in Ventura Pass or Ventura Unlimited in one of a kind amusement and water park in the hotel zone of Cancun: VENTURA PARK
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