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The Surprising Reason Selvatica Park Dominates Trip Advisor

The Surprising Reason Selvatica Park Dominates Trip Advisor Cancun has 263 outdoor activities listed on Trip Advisor. It’s why millions of travelers visit Cancun every year. There’s so much to do here. Yet one outdoor activity has done the impossible in this ultra-competitive environment… …rise head & shoulders above the competition and capture that elusive […]

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Find the Best Zip Lines in Cancun in December [How to Guide]

Do you hate the winter? Ok. Hate is a strong word. Winter has its benefits too. You get to go skiing, ice-skating and even make snowmen. But let’s face it. Not everything about winter is lovely. What about Cancun in December. There is… Waking up extra early to scrape ice off your windshield Having to […]

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4 Best Ziplines in the World

Author’s Note: A newer 2017 version, including the top 11 zip lines in the world, that features pictures, videos, trip advisor reviews, and google map location is available here. Have you ever thought about trying a zip-line? Maybe you’ve had the opportunity but passed it by. Perhaps at the time, you were too apprehensive about […]

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Selvatica Presents The Dirty and Wet Adventure…

3 Reasons Why ‘ATVing & Swim in a Cenote’ Make for the Ultimate Adventure Are you ready to get dirty and wet? Are you the rugged type that thrives in chaotic muddiness? If you’ve answered yes, you’re the perfect type for Selvatica’s Dirty and Wet Adventure. Selvatica is home to Cancun’s best adventure park in Latina […]