Selvatica - parte del mapa para selvatica en la riviera maya

Gimme All

Regular Price
$199 Adults
$99 Children

You want it? You got it!

No other place in the world offers such a wide array of exciting outdoor activities packaged into a single full day adventure. It is truly a life changing experience!

Fly over the tree-tops on Yucatan’s favorite 10 zipline circuit. How’s this for a mind-bending adventure?

First cool down in our natural spring, then brave the World Class Tarzania Zipline Rollercoaster. Next challenge yourself by walking across the Skywalk rope course, & spike your adrenaline with a crazy bungee swing, then get ready for a unique experience on the world’s only Jungle Rollercoaster, before you feel like superman while you soar above the jungle on one of the world’s fastest zip lines. Finally rip up some mud on an insane off-roading circuit on either a Polaris RZR buggy or a powerful ATV, and then top everything off with a dive, zip, or simply relax at our own private freshwater cenote.

Gimme All features:

Gimme All Tour at Selvatica
  • Door to door shuttle
  • 10 zip-line circuit
  • Rope course
  • Bungee swing
  • Tarzania (zipline coaster)
  • Jungle Coaster (rollercoaster)
  • Superflight (2 monster ziplines)
  • Polaris RZR or ATV
  • Swim in our private cenote “sinkhole”
  • Light lunch & wáter

Important information:

  • To drive you must be 16+ and show a valid ID. *To ride Co-Pilot you must be at least 8 years old.
  • Zipliners & Skywalkers max waist size: 47’’ / 120 cm.
  • Zipliners max. weight: 150 kg / 330 lb
  • Tarzania & Superflight min. weight: 45 kg / 99 lb
  • Tarzania & Superflight max. weight: 110 kg / 243 lb

Don't forget:

  • Swim suits, towel & comfortable clothes and shoes, Cash or credit card for photos, lockers, souvenirs, drinks & tips! Applies optional vehicle insurance for off road vehicles / Sold at park

Gimme All Includes:

10 Zipline Circuit
Swim in a cenote
4 Aerial Bridges
ATV or Polaris
Bungee Swing
Jungle Coaster


Selvatica - hojas de página selvatica en la riviera maya