5 Quick Reasons Why Selvatica Has the Best Ziplines in Cancun

5 Quick Reasons Why Selvatica Has the Best Ziplines in Cancun

Quick Reasons Why Selvatica Has the Best Ziplines in Cancun

Everyone knows Cancun has the top zip lines in the world.

But does anyone know who has the best ziplines in Cancun? The answer’s simple: Selvatica Adventure Park.

Need proof?

Then read this article to learn 5 quick reasons why Selvatica has the best ziplines in Cancun.

1.      Less Waiting

Selvatica divides everyone into groups, or tribes, once you get there. Why?

Because this way long lines are avoided. Who wants to wait close to an hour to ride just one zipline?

And guess what? That’s exactly what happens at other places. People end up simply choosing the zipline closest to them, and all of a sudden there’s a traffic jam.

we are a tribe at Selvatica. Join the Tribe and enjoy less waiting and more ziplining at Selvatica.

2.      More Familiarity

There’s another benefit to joining the tribe. Familiarity.

By having the same tribe leader for the whole experience, you get to build trust. If you have any concerns, your tribe leader will take care of them.

No need to repeat yourself at every zipline.

This will allow you to feel safe, so you can relax and enjoy Selvatica’s incredible ziplines.

3.      Better Views

Who wants to stare at a concrete jungle, when you have the REAL Mayan jungle to gaze at?

Selvatica is not made to appear as if it is in the jungle. Selvatica IS in the heart of the Mayan jungle.

Enjoy a spectacular view of the Mayan jungle canopy, only at Selvatica Adventure Park.

4.      Unique Ziplines

Who wants to ride the same zipline over and over again?

At Selvatica, there are 5 unique ziplines, each with their own advantage. That’s a big reason why Selvatica has the best ziplines in Cancun.

There is the…


Tarzania human roller coaster at Selvatica.

The concept is genius! It’s zipline meets roller-coaster. How crazy is that?

Try the one-and-only human roller-coaster at Selvatica.



Want to feel like a superhero? Try the Superman zipline!

Fly face-first & soar through the air like superman!


glove zipline at selvatica.

This zipline puts you in the pilot’s seat.

Keep a tight grip for a more controlled experience…or release your grip for full velocity!


[caption id="attachment_2061" align="alignnone" width="700"]upsite down at selvatica. upsite down at selvatica.[/caption]

How do you make ANY activity 10X more extreme?

By doing it upside-down!

Get crazy and do a zipline, UPSIDE-DOWN at Selvatica!


cenote zipline at selvatica.

Want to cap things off with a bang?

End your day of ziplines with a big splash in a cenote!

5.      Support a company that cares

seed of life program.

Selvatica is no ordinary company. They give back to the planet.

How exactly?

By spearheading a tree-seed planting initiative that has shrunk their carbon footprint by over 7.8 million TONS every year! Not only that, but they just installed a spectacular tree-top Sky Lounge.

Did they cut any trees down to build it? Nope. They used wood from already fallen trees around the jungle.

Support a company like Selvatica that cares about the planet.