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Selvatica Promotes Environmental Awareness through its Program “Seed Of Life”

Cancun, Quintana Roo, February 2, 2024.- Selvatica, a renowned adventure park located in Cancun and a member of The Dolphin Company family, introduces its social commitment program named “Seed Of Life”, an initiative designed to engage visitors in practical environmental preservation practices. This program has evolved as an essential component in the park’s environmental management, highlighting its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability

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Alternative tourism, characterized by its focus on direct and constant interaction with wildlife and nature, has been an integral component of Selvatica’s mission and vision. In line with the principles of this philosophy, “Seed Of Life” allows visitors to go beyond conventional recreational experiences by actively participating in the restoration and preservation of the environment. Selvatica’s proposal involves participants leaving a tangible mark by planting a tree seed in expired helmets after a day of adventures in the Mayan jungle. Each visitor has the opportunity to personalize their contribution by placing their name at the planting location, leaving a visual testimony of their involvement in this environmental project.


The initiative arises in response to the growing concern about deforestation and the consequent release of carbon into the atmosphere, factors contributing to environmental degradation. Hence, the fundamental objective of the program is to raise awareness by emphasizing the importance of planting seeds that will, over time, grow into trees. This gesture not only positively contributes to the environment but also establishes green areas for future generations.


Since its inception, “Seed Of Life” has experienced notable growth, with the planting of over 300,000 trees to date. This figure reflects a measurable impact on reducing the carbon footprint, surpassing 7.8 million tons. The ongoing participation of visitors strengthens Selvatica’s commitment to environmental preservation.

“At Selvatica, we believe that responsible tourism is not just an option but a shared responsibility. Seed Of Life, more than a program, is a call to action and a space where the connection with nature translates into concrete actions. Each seed planted is a step towards a greener and more balanced future,”

Through “Seed Of Life”, Selvatica reaffirms its commitment, becoming an active agent in building a more sustainable environment, protecting the Mayan jungle and its biodiversity.

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