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ATV tours in Cancun

Cancun is the land of adventure. Some find adventure in the form of tequila fueled beach-side parties.

Others want something raw, something more real like an ATV Jungle Tour Cancun, and so riding an ATV in Cancun gives them exactly what they’re looking for.

Do you share that opinion? Perfect!

Then read this article to find out everything you need to know about  ATV tours in Cancun.

ATV tours in cancun

How to Pick the Right 4x4 Tour in Cancun:

First off. Make sure to pick a place like Selvatica Adventure Park, that offers LEGITIMATE ATVs.

What does that even mean?

It means don’t be fooled by what some of our competitors offer: glorified golf-carts that promise amphibious capabilities (they don’t).

You want a Polaris ATV tours in cancun (like Selvatica offers) that truly responds to your every command. You want instant acceleration. You want turn-on-a-dime handling. You want shock-absorbs that eat potholes for breakfast as a light snack.

The lesson? Make sure you pick Selvatica’s Polaris ATV (or don’t get surprised if you’re left with a glorified golf-cart).

ATV tours in cancun Jungle Tour: What to Expect at Selvatica?

It’s very simple. Expect a wild adventure powered by a Polaris ATV tours in cancun.

But with Selvatica’s Offroad Polaris Tour, except more than just bold ATV Jungle Tour Cancun.

Here’s what else you get:

You see? Selvatica makes sure you have the ultimate Cancun off-roading experience by including other entertaining attractions.

How much does Selvatica's Offroad Polaris Tour costs?

Adult Price: $155 USD

Child Price: $85 USD

TIP: Book online & ahead of time and you can get even LOWER prices.

Cancun Off-Roading - How to Prepare?

Don’t come hung over! Try to be in the best form possible, physically and mentally. Be ready for an adventure!

If you can, pick a rainy day to go. Instead of sulking in your hotel over bad weather, make lemonade have a fun day in the mud with an all-terrain-vehicle.

What to Bring?

Comfortable clothes & shoes: Something that can get dirty and dry quickly

Spare clothes & shoes: You don’t want to come back home with wet clothes & shoes

Bathing suit: So you can swim in the cenote

Plastic bag: To put your wet clothes in

Towel: To get dry

Mosquito spray & Suntan lotion: Preferably bio-friendly because you will be in the jungle

Cash: To pay tips to the crew if you see it fit, and to bring home souvenirs or professional pictures


Transportation: Get door to door transportation.

Insurance: Get full coverage on your ATV in case of an accident

Lockers: Keep all belongs safe while you tour. Remember, your smartphones + car keys, can EASILY get lost while on ATVs, ziplines and cenotes.



  • Make sure you pick a company like Selvatica that uses authentic ATVs (not glorified golf-carts) & offers ziplines, cenotes, & hanging aerial bridges as well.
  • Come ready for an adventure (not hungover!)
  • Bring spare everything and get a locker because things will get wet!
  • Buy online in advance to save money