Why you HAVE to choose a Polaris for your Cancun ATV Tour


Why you HAVE to choose a Polaris for your Cancun ATV Tour at Selvatica

Selvatica has a reputation

What is it?

Well, we, ourselves, could tell you…

Our reputation is that of being the best in the business. Hands down.

But would you believe us?

Sure. A lot of companies say they’re the best.

But we have social proof of our claim. LOTS of it actually. We’re not talking about one or two Facebook posts. We’re talking about THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of reviews on Trip Advisor.

It’s why Selvatica is Trip Advisor’s # 1 outdoor activity in Cancun.

So it should be no surprise, that we only choose to work with the best as well.

Why? Because we have a reputation to protect.

Polaris ATV

Atv tour at selvatica.

That’s why we love the Polaris ATV.

The Polaris brand represents the peak of ATV tours in Cancun. When it comes to offroading in Cancun, you better have a Polaris.

But you may be wondering…

Aren’t all ATVs just the same thing?

That would be like saying all cars are built the same. Clearly, there are huge differences. The same goes for ATVs.

What to expect with a Polaris ATV when offroading in Cancun

Atv polaris in the jungle

Maybe there’s someone in your group thinking…

I don’t know. Isn’t off-roading really rough?  I don’t think I can handle an 

If this is the case, reassure them. Polaris ATVs are a completely different breed. Sure. If you WANT things to be rough… a Polaris all-terrain vehicle will handle anything you throw at it.

But sometimes people prefer are a more gentle ride. Don’t be surprised if after riding a Polaris ATV, they say…

I wish my car handled like a Polaris!

Want to know what specifically makes a Polaris ATV the best in the business?

Here are 5 reasons to go with a Polaris ATV when offroading in Cancun

atv ride jungle circuit

  1. Polaris engineers, don’t just build the ATVs; they are ATV enthusiasts. The final product reflects this.
  2. With the most responsive power steering available, you always have complete control. You’ll never get steering fatigue.
  3. Perhaps the best part of a Polaris ATV is its unrivaled suspension. Prepare yourself for the SMOOTHEST ride you’ve ever had in a vehicle, period.
  4. With a high ground clearance and independent rear suspension, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in any potholes.
  5. Just tap the gas pedal for commanding power to dominate any terrain you find in the Mayan jungle.

The bottom line is when you take a Cancun ATV tour…

A Polaris ATV provides the ultimate combination of power, suspension, and agility.

Where can you ride a Polaris ATV in Cancun?

Head on over to Trip Advisor’s # 1 Outdoor Activity and try the Offroad Polaris Tour, by clicking here.

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