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Selvatica Cancun Local Fauna: Meet Our Jungle Family

Selvatica Cancun Local Fauna: Meet Our Jungle Family

What are some of the Cancun animals you’ll see at Selvatica? Let us introduce you to our jungle friends who call Selvatica home. Some of these creatures are more shy than others, but you are sure to catch sight of cool creatures during your Selvatica adventure!

Spider monkeys at Selvatica Cancun

Look up, look way up, spider monkeys love to swing from treetop to treetop and hang around on their long prehensile tails which are so strong and agile that they can be used like an extra arm! These small monkeys are very social and tend to hang out in groups, eating mostly plants and insects and playing around. They are rarely seen on the ground which makes sense as that’s where their main predators are found! Be sure to keep your eyes open as you fly on the Selvatica Cancun ziplines, the jungle canopy is their favorite place to be!

Iguanas are dinosaurs, right?

Iguanas look like creatures from our prehistoric past, like mini dinosaurs! In the jungle of Selvatica you’ll find two main species of these Cancun animal, the black and the green, they love to be in the trees and to soak up the sun. They may look a little scary but they are docile creatures, eating plants and the occasional insect and mostly being super chill. They use their strong tails for defense, their tail makes up half their body length!

The Coati: The Raccoon’s southern cousin

Coatis (aka coatimundis) are found throughout Mexico and Latin America and are part of the racoon family. These curious creatures with long tails are about the size of a cat and are extremely intelligent. They live in groups and spend most of their time foraging on the ground for their meals of insects, slugs, fruits and vegetables and even small birds. They love to eat tarantulas and are immune to their bites! Some people keep them as pets, but we like to see these Cancun animals running wild in their natural environment, like at Selvatica Cancun!

Jaguars in Cancun: Elusive, Endangered and Enchanting

The mighty jaguar is the largest cat in the Americas and is the top of the jungle food chain. Jaguars are mostly solitary animals, hunting their prey alone, carefully planning and stalking rather than going for the big chase. Their muscular and stocky bodies are perfect for climbing, crawling and even swimming. They have a powerful jaw that can crush the bones of their prey.

Jaguars are considered “near threatened”. Therefore it is vital that we do all we can to conserve and preserve the species! As jaguars are nocturnal, solitary and extremely cunning, it is a rare and exciting occasion to spot one. We’ve found jaguar footprints and scat around Selvatica Cancun, their way of saying “Hey, we’re here!” and capturing jaguar photos on camera traps is always a thrill! Will you be one of the lucky ones to spot a jaguar at Selvatica Cancun?

Join us at Selvatica and help us spot all the Cancun animals that share our jungle home! Deer, wild boar, ocelots, wild turkeys, exotic birds and reptiles, insects, snakes and many many more! We’re more than just a zipline park, we are a true adventure in nature, reserve today!