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The ULTIMATE Adventure Tour Cancun Guide

You’re about to visit the Caribbean, and you are in the mood for an adventure… If you want to know the secrets for having the ULTIMATE adventure tour, Cancun is crucial in your vacation! Hear from an insider, and keep reading… Don’t Miss Out on Cancun’s Best:   Let me start by telling you the top 3 things […]

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How to Cure a Fear of Heights by Going Ziplining in Cancun

We hate that it’s true. But there is no denying it. Eventually, we all have to face our fears. The more you run from fear, the larger it becomes. Fear is like a bully. Once stand up to it, you’ll have realized it was never as powerful as it was in your mind. In the […]

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The Simple 5-Step Guide to Finding the BEST Cancun Zip Line!!

You know why you’re going to Cancun. And it’s not the reason everyone else thinks either. It’s not because you want to get drunk with spring breakers…You’re past that phase now. You realize there’s more to Cancun. A lot more. (You see? Not having a hangover is enlightening—I’m talking to you spring-breakers =)). You realize […]

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5-Step Guide to Ziplining in Cancun with a Fear of Heights

5-Step Guide to Ziplining in Cancun with a Fear of Heights Mexico is a paradise that brings millions of tourists from all over the world for two reasons: beautiful beaches and incredible adventures like ziplining in Cancun. For many, it’s both. You can start off by unwinding at a white-sanded beach. That’s great…for a moment. […]

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What is a Cenote?

Selvatica is Latin America’s number one adventure park. This isn’t a marketing slogan. This is reflective of thousands of peer reviews from Trip Advisor. The results are in. Selvatica is Cancun’s number one outdoor activity—for several consecutive years now. What makes Selvatica so great? Well first off, no one does adventure like we do. Whether […]