The Top 10 Craziest Things to Do in Cancun

Selvatica Presents: The Top 10 Craziest Things to Do in Cancun

tarzania craziest things to do

Having some Corona’s or Margaritas under the sun is fun. But there’s one obvious problem with that.

Drinking will only lead to memory loss. You want to be able to remember the crazy things you do in Cancun, right?

If you really want the craziest things to do in Cancun you need to think about outdoor extreme activities.


There are two main reasons for this.

  1. Cancun has outdoor extreme activities you can’t find elsewhere in the world—and at very affordable prices as well.
  2. These are the memories that will last your lifetime. (isn’t that what vacations are all about?)

On board with me so far?


Now let’s examine the 10 Craziest Things to do in Cancun.

1.      Bungee Swing (Click here for tour details)

bungee swing
bungee swing

Can you do it? Can you override your brain’s self-protection system and simply jump off the ledge?

Not everyone can. They think they can…until they look down. Before they know it, it’s been a few seconds. Now your self-protection system is firmly in control.

It’s saying “ummm…yeah…we’re not doing that. That’s a long way down, and we’re just safer up here, so we’ll pass on this. Thank you anyways though.”

But if you are able to make the jump…wow! What a rush!

Come to Selvatica and try the unique bungee swing today!

2.      Skydiving


You’ve been thinking about it your whole life. And what better place to try skydiving, than in Cancun.

You get to look down and see all the different shades of green and blue in the sea. It truly is a sight to behold.

See Cancun from a different vantage point and live out a lifelong dream!

3.      Human Roller-Coaster (Click here for tour details)

tarzania zipline coaster

Is it a zipline? Is it a roller-coaster? The answer is…it’s both!

Ziplines only go down. Never sideways or up and then down.

Roller-coasters are done with other people in a cart. They’re never done 100% solo.

That’s what makes the Human Roller-Coaster, Tarzania, such a one-of-a-kind extreme activity. It puts you in the center of all the madness. YOU are the roller-coaster.

Try the 1 and Only Human Roller-Coaster, Tarzania, at Selvatica!

4.      Superman Face-First Zipline

superman craziest things to do

Have you ever flown like superman before? Well, unless you’re some sort of X-Men like mutant, the answer is an obvious no.

For regular non-superhuman people, there’s the Superman Zipline.

You fly, face-first, through the air, just like…yup. You guessed it. SUPERMAN!

Fly like Superman at Selvatica Park Today!

5.      Bull-Shark Dives

Most people are afraid of sharks. Others are fascinated by these dangerous creatures.

If you have the guts, there are bull-shark dives offered in many places in Cancun.

See Jaws up, close and personal with a bull-shark dive in Cancun

6.      Jetboat Adventure

jetboat adventure

Do you know what a jetboat is? To put it simply, it’s the rollercoaster of the sea.

It will do 360 degree spins. It’ll wave hop. It’ll even do a kamikaze dive into the water, submerging the whole bow.

Try the Roller Coaster of the Sea, with a Jetboat Adventure in Cancun.

7.      Cenote Splash Zipline

cenote zipline craziest things to do
Cenote Zipline

What’s better? A cenote, or the zipline? How about a zipline INTO a cenote?

Want to up the ante? Try doing a flip as you let go of the zipline and make a big splash!

Try the Cenote Splash Zipline at Selvatica Park!

8.      Kite-Surfing

Ok. So there aren’t 40-foot waves in Cancun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wild time surfing.

All you need is a kite-surf!

Surprise yourself at how fast kite-surfing can be in Cancun!

9.      Sky-Walk Bridges 

skywalk craziest things to do

Do you have a fear of heights? Does being agile at altitude give you the creeps?

Then conquer your fears by traversing across a SkyWalk bridge at Selvatica!

These hanging aerial bridges will put your mettle to the test.

Say goodbye to your fear of heights by conquering the SkyWalk bridges at Selvatica!

10.  ATV Jungle Tour

getting muddy while offroading at selvatica in cancun- the perfect cancun jungle tour

Do you want to feel like a kid again? Don’t mind getting dirty & muddy in the name of entertainment?

Then you have to try riding a Polaris ATV through jungle!

Grip the handle bars, and rip through the wet mud. Here’s your chance to simply let loose.

And don’t worry about losing control. It’s a Polaris!

Break all the rules and go ATVing in the jungle on a Polaris at Selvatica!

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