10 Reasons to Visit Selvatica!

Great 10 reasons to visit Selvatica and leave your confort zone.

1.Welcome to the Jungle…the Mayan Jungle

Unshackle yourself from society’s manmade conventions. Go to Selvatica. Go to the Mayan Jungle. This is the wild.

Take a deep breath of the jungle scent. Feel dense jungle humidity. Close your eyes and listen to mother nature as she speaks through the singing birds, and blowing branches. Remember our primal origins. Originally, we all came from the jungle.

Return to your original self. Return to Selvatica’s Jungle.

2.-Selvatica Tribe

When you come to Selvatica, you’re not a ‘client’ or a ‘guest’. You’re not some ‘stranger’ to us. When you’re at Selvatica, you’re part of our tribe. Its as simple as that. We’ll treat you like one of our own. That’s the Selvatica difference.

We’ll break you into groups, or ‘tribes’, with one of us as the ‘tribe leader’. We’re going to make sure you feel safe by giving you all the security instructions beforehand. Then we’ll keep things nice and loose by injecting some classic Mexican humor. Think about it. It’s impossible to be afraid and laugh at the same time.

Best of all, since we break everything into groups, you’ll never have to wait in some annoying long line. As soon we get to our site, the rides begin.

When you’re at Selvatica…You’re part of the tribe.

3.-Trip Advisor Reviewers love Selvatica

Trip Advisor is the king (or queen!) of online peer reviews in regards to the best travel destinations on the planet. It’s impossible to pay for reviews or even solicit them in any way. They must happen organically. A user must visit the travel destination and then give their sincere opinion of how things went afterward.

People trust Trip Advisor because it isn’t promotionally driven. They can trust what they’re reading. And you can trust that Selvatica is Cancun and Latin America’s number one outdoor adventure park. An overwhelming majority of Trip Advisor reviewers agree that Selvatica is worthy of 5 out of 5 stars.


Check the reviews. Listen to all the reasons to visit Selvatica. They all say we have the best rides and the best team of employees to guide you through them. It’s very simple. We have the most experience out of any outdoor adventure company in Cancun. We know what we’re doing, and that’s how we do it so well.

Trust Experience. Trust Trip Advisor. Trust Your Peers.


Where is the best place to go ziplining in Cancun, you may be asking yourself?

Allow us to submit a candidate for your approval. At Selvatica, you won’t just find one kind of zipline. We have a variety of ziplines, each with their own unique advantages. Let’s check them out:

  1. Flying Superman
    1. This zipline has you sailing through the air, face first!
  2. Best Zipline
    1. Decide how fast you go by sampling letting your grip loose. Do you dare to do it UPSIDE-DOWN?
  3. Cenote Zipline
    1. Bring your bathing suits, because the moment you let go, SPLASH. It’s right into the crystal clear cenote you go.
  4. Tarzania Zipline
    1. If a zipline and a rollercoaster had a baby, it would be Tarzania. There’s no other zipline in the world like this. There will be twists, turns, and drops so be ready.

10 reasons to visit selvatica

5.-100% Security

We take your safety very seriously. It’s why we choose a first-rate French manufacturer for all of our harnesses. In fact, our whole park is certified by Association for Challenge Course Technology.

We’ve built our reputation for safety and excitement over the last 20+ years—more so than any other outdoor adventure park in Cancun.

Because experience matters.

6.-Hanging Aerial Bridges

Do you have a fear of heights? Perfect! Now let’s conquer that fear. Attach yourself to the harness and then test your agility and peace of mind as you traverse our notorious jungle bridges.

They’re wobbly. They’re high up. You’re not king/queen of the jungle until you master this challenge.

Face your fears.

7.-Feel Like a Kid and Get Muddy again!

Remember when you were a child? You were free to live life freely—without any concern for cleanliness. Well, you’re in the jungle now, feel free to let loose.

Hop on a badass Polaris ATV and rip your way through the muddy jungle. Make sure to put on the goggles, because mud will be everywhere.

Return to your youth. Return to the jungle.

8.-Reinvigorate yourself by swimming in a Mayan cenote

A day filled with adventure in the jungle is no easy task. You’re going to be tired. You’re to be muddy. What’s the perfect remedy for this occasion?

Swimming in a Mayan cenote of course. How can you resist? Its crystalline, salt-free water will practically summon you inside. Feeling bold? Hop off the 17-yard ledge. Or, use the zipline and let go half way for a fun splash. Whatever you do in the cenote, when you come out, you’ll feel reborn.

Hit the reset button. Swim in a cenote.

9.-Lose your fear of height, speed, and become part of the jungle

Think about what you’ve accomplished today. You were presented a series of challenges—some involved height, speed or both. You know what we call someone who has conquered all of the jungle challenges? Part of the tribe.

Conquer fear itself. Join the tribe.

10.-Leave your legacy with Seed of Life Program

This day is impossible without Mother Nature. Every day thousands of trees are lost to deforestation. Let us honor mother nature for the beautiful day of activities she has blessed with by leaving our own legacy. Take an expired Selvatica helmet and plant a tree seed inside. Then place the helmet into the ground.

Thanks to our Seed of Life program, we have shrunk our carbon footprint by tons!

Honor Mother Nature. Plant a tree with Selvatica.

We hope you enjoyed our “10 reasons to visit Selvatica” guide!

A fun day in Selvatica Cancun

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