Extreme Adventure in Cancun!


A Wild and Romantic Getaway: Extreme Adventure in Cancun!

Newlyweds, the ones who are about to tie the knot and lovebirds, this one is for you! Are you adventurous enough to come and test your fears, laugh till your belly hurts and simply live to the fullest next to your partner? Then stop fiddling around, and start planning because we’ve got amazing things in store for you at Selvatica… The #1 Extreme Adventure in Cancun!

What a better way to celebrate love and friendship than by challenging each other to grow and conquering fears together?! And what a better place to do it at than the most exciting adventure park in the Caribbean?

So what can you do here at Selvatica? Let me walk you through this emotional rollercoaster, although there are certain things you must live… 


Seal the Deal: Beyond.


Maybe you’re in town with your whole family and are a step away from the beginning of the rest of your life… Or maybe you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate a bachelor/ bachelorette. Either way, we want to introduce you to our brand new and exclusive experience: BEYOND.

Packed with chilling and thrilling moments, BEYOND is the ideal experience for anybody who is seeking a more private approach to our programming. Say you absolutely love to swim in a pool or simply rest by it but are tired of the crowds that generally surround the ones at your resort or hotel. Well, get ready to have your mind blown.

Indulge in the most upscale amenities of their kind, and explore the Caribbean’s wildly exciting jungle whilst feeling like an elite. Private hotel pick-up, no waiting in line, and a spine chilling course of activities. All of this followed by the most exquisite 5 stars culinary experience you are yet to live…

The most important part here is that you will be in your own little bubble. No interruptions from other groups, and accompanied by your super fun tour guide! I wanna make an emphasis on super fun because I promise you that you won’t find a guide like the ones in our team anywhere else. 

Love Is In The Air: Offroad Polaris, Zip & Snorkel, etc.


For a different, more flexible and just as fun experience see our other tour options!

First off we have a super exciting package called Zip & Snorkel. This awesome tour not only includes our 10 zipline circuit, but we’re also taking you and your group to the azure Caribbean waters!

Another tour is the Offroad Polaris. Here you can challenge the love of your life to see who is the most daring… Find out how love is in the air on our 10-zipline circuit, ride an extreme Polaris ATV through the jungle and in the dirt, and 3 other activities!

Or if you want to do all activities and are up for the challenge we have Gimme All! Just as its name implies, this package lets you and your sweetheart have the 3 selvatica experiences in 1!*

What are you waiting for? Leave fear aside and come live this for yourself… Let the sparks fly as you let your adventurous side come out to play.


*The snorkeling is exclusive for the Zip & Snorkel tour, therefore will not be included in any other package.

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