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Adventure Tour Cancun Selvatica: The Perfect Spring Escape

It is no surprise that people tend to go wild when Spring season hits the Caribbean’s shores… This only means you’ve got the perfect opportunity to break the rules and go a different kind of wild. Wondering about where to go for your adventure tour Cancun?

Then keep on reading, and brace yourself for this wild ride!

The Wildest Adventure

Selvatica hosts the best zip-lines in the Caribbean and has been rated #1 on TripAdvisor for a record time of 10 consecutive years!

The length and speed of each circuit are better than most of the other ziplines available in the region. You can go to bed knowing that you are 100% safe at all times, which is ideal and necessary when going on adventures…

Selvatica is the #1 activity for Cancun tours on TripAdvisor for a reason.

The park is well thought out, all the activities feel like they were built for dauntless individuals to really have an awesome time. It mixes a variety of fun experiences into one bundle, resulting in the wildest adventure tour!

Selvatica Cancun The perfect Spring

Why Choose an Adventure Tour Cancun?

There are certain experiences one cannot explain, but can only daydream about once they are lived… That’s sort of what happens when you visit Selvatica. You see, the atmosphere that encapsulates the park is simply mystical and impossible to forget. Everything from the intricate designs that are found throughout the park to the way that the staff interacts with you is special.


There are various reasons why choosing Selvatica as one of this Spring’s activities is the right thing to do. Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

1. Hot or Cold?

How about both? For starters, the Caribbean has the ideal weather in the spring and autumn seasons. However, Cancun offers pleasantly warm weather year-round. Nevertheless, we know how hard adapting to weather can be when coming from colder climates, so don’t worry. Our 100% natural jungle will relax and cool you under the tree’s canopies.

2. Get Bored Quickly?

Each of our tours includes a selection of different activities so that there is never room for a dull moment. Our programs are fast paced yet thoroughly enjoyed, also, anyone can and will have a blast!

3. We're All In This Together!

Our target audience includes every single member of the family (except Fido, sorry doggie) therefore all programs and tours are for all ages! However, we must not exclude the fact that safety is first and since we care about your wellbeing there are certain activities where there will be restrictions.

4. Endless Fun...

Once again, spring break is all about enjoying life and living in the moment. We really thrive to give you only the best experiences and most of all we want you to have fun! Our staff is composed of people who are absolutely passionate about what they do, and it shows… Let us share our good vibes with you, come to have the time of your life!

Escape to the Caribbean, fly among the birds and explore life’s best things.