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What Do People on Trip Advisor Say About Selvatica Park?

The best adventures at Selvatica Cancun

What Do People on Trip Advisor Say About Selvatica Park?

Are you coming to Cancun soon? Are you wondering what the best Cancun activities are? Well, do yourself a favor. Go to right now.

Why Trip Advisor?

Because over 80 million people visit Trip Advisor every month. And guess what? Those people leave user reviews when they travel. These are the best travel reviews you’re going to find.

Why is that? Because they’re unbiased reviews. It’s just people talking about their experiences. They also give a rating.

  • They leave 1 star if they hated the experience.
  • They leave 3 stars if the experience was good, but had a few setbacks.
  • They leave 4 stars if the experience was great, but something was missing.
  • They leave 5 stars if the experience was so amazing, they’ve never experienced it before.

It’s really that simple.

So instead of listening to a company talk about itself, trust Trip Advisor. Trust real people. This way, you know what to expect before you arrive.

World travelers know this. They know you have to visit Trip Advisor before coming to Cancun.

So be honest.  What did you find as the #1 ranked Outdoor Activity in Cancun on Trip Advisor? It’s Selvatica Adventure Park.


(Notice how over 90% of the ratings are a perfect 5 stars)


But before we check out some of the latest Selvatica Trip Advisor Reviews…let’s go through a brief breakdown of what there is to do at Selvatica.

  1. Ziplines (5 different kinds)
  2. ATVs (not just an ATV, a Polaris)
  3. Hanging Aerial Bridges (test yourself)
  4. Cenotes (the perfect way to refresh yourself)
  5. Bungee Jump (for only the brave)

Ok. Now let’s see how people react once they have done those activities. Ready? Perfect! Let’s jump in. (Each review has been left completely UNEDITED.  You can verify each review for yourself by clicking on the link)

P.S. (Stay tuned for the final breakdown at the end!)

1.       “Authentic Excursion” (written by Emily from New York 2 days ago)

I have been to a few excursions with similar activities but they all felt so commercial. We asked our guide for something unique and thrilling but very different from the others. We went to Selvetica and WOW! From the actually jungle location, the bus rides with mexican music, the insane trails and zip lines all the way to riding through the mud and cliff diving to clean off into the Cenotes. The staff was unbelievable. They remembered your name, made jokes along the way and made you feel at ease. No other place compares to here. If you want a good thrill and awesome memories, Selvetica is your place 🙂

2.       “Best Zip Line in the Riviera Maya” (written by Dan from Platte City, Missouri 1 day ago)

This is a must do. We recommend the Gimme All Tour. It is well worth every penny. This is an all day tour and you will have a snack and a late lunch. This is so much better than the other zip lines because you are in small groups of 8 -12 people. You will go zip lining, cable bridge walking, bungee jumping, superman zip lining, roller coaster zip lining, 4×4 driving and the best part is zip lining into a Cenote. That was my favorite part, because once you get the hang of it the staff instructs you on how to do either a dive or backflip into the water from about 25 feet. Bring cash for pictures and videos. They do a great job with the photos.

3.      “Best Day Trip Ever” ( written by a Mom and Daughter 3 days ago)

Highly recommend the Sevlatica adventure. I did the Extreme Canopy and couldn’t resist going back for more before I left Cancun. It was awesome. The guides and staff were so fun and friendly. They really make you feel welcome, safe and keep you laughing the entire time. I can’t wait to go back just to do the parts of the tour I missed out, superman and Tazmania!


4.      “Best day ever doing gimme all challenge” (written by Tracy from California 4 days ago)

This was so amazing! Best day
Staff was awesome the whole experience was awesome
Gabby does an awesome job
Loved it ALL! Highly recommended

5.      “Loved Selvetica!” (written from Hayden, Indiana 5 days ago)

One of the best experiences I have ever had! The staff truly amazing! The rides are breath taking! So fun you will nit regret coming here! It is worth every penny

6.      “The best zip line ever!!” (written from Long Beach, California 5 days ago)

Crews were very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I had so much fun and very impressed. Thank you guys!!

7.      “The time of my life!” (written by Terri from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 5 days ago)

Awesome Tour, Great staff! My favorite was the dune buggies, however the Zipline was fun too! Really cool place they have! Worth the money for sure!

8.      “Selvatica Gimme All Tour” (written from Calgary, Canada 1 week ago)

This was the best day ever!!! The staff treated me so well, I had a great time. It was a whole day of great adventure. Did a ton of ziplines, including going upside down, a superman zipline and a zipline rollercoaster! Also did some rope bridges, a bungee swing and a zipline into a cenote. There was also ATVs and a waterslide. Great food afterwards too. It is worth the money, just do it!


9.      “Excellent Adventure!” (written by Donna K 1 week ago)

Selvatica provided the most excellent adventure! Benjamin was the best guide ever. Customer service was the BEST. This is a MUST do if you are in Cancun. Zip lining into the water at the end was amazing fun.

10. “AMAZING ” (written by Gilberto R 2 weeks ago)

One of the best days of my life, I came with my wife looking for adventures and fun. It totally worth it. The cenotes are fresh and clean, zip lines funny, bungee jump make me feel like a little kid screaming, the Atvs were amazing, the only regular stuff was the food but still works for us. I have tried xplor but if you make me decide between those 2, I choose selvatica!!!!


Now did you notice a trend? There were 3 things everyone said.

  1. Best Day Ever
  2. Best Customer Support Ever
  3. TOTALLY worth it

And that practically sums up the Selvatica experience. So you may be thinking, oh sure, you just cherry-picked the best reviews. Nope. We selected the most recent reviews.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself. Find out what everyone on Trip Advisor already knows.

That is that…Selvatica is the #1 Outdoor Activity in Cancun!

So give yourself a treat. Listen to your fellow Trip Advisor reviewers. Have the best day ever with the best staff ever. 

Thank for reading “What People on Trip Advisor Say About Selvatica”!

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