The Simple 5-Step Guide to Finding the BEST Cancun Zip Line!!

You know why you’re going to Cancun. And it’s not the reason everyone else thinks either.

It’s not because you want to get drunk with spring breakers…You’re past that phase now.

You realize there’s more to Cancun. A lot more. (You see? Not having a hangover is enlightening—I’m talking to you spring-breakers =)).

You realize Cancun is the adventure capital of the world. It’s where adrenaline junkies feel free. Where you can feel like you’re on recess again. And that’s what a Cancun adventure is all about.

Making you feel like a kid again

But where are the best Cancun adventures? The answer’s obvious. The best adventure is a jungle adventure. Why? Just simply BEING in the jungle is an adventure. Then you add some one-of-a-kind extreme activities…and now you’re talking about shrinking a bucket list.

Now you’re talking about ziplines, ATVs, Bungees, and Cenotes. Now THAT’s the ultimate jungle adventure.

But how do you find the best Cancun Zipline?

You may ask yourself: Is there really a difference? Aren’t they all the same? (the answer’s no, but we’ll explain more later)

We’re going to show you where the best Cancun zipline is. Not only that, though. We’re going to explain WHY as well.

This way…when you come to Cancun, you’ll know where best to get your jungle adrenaline fix.

Here is Selvatica’s Simple 5-Step Guide to Finding the BEST Cancun Zipline!

Ready? Great, let’s start!

1.       Handheld Zipline (Do-I-have-to-let-go)

Ok. Let’s start off nice and slow ok? But don’t worry. We’re going to build up the intensity level each time. And you know what? We got something special waiting for you at the end. So hang in there.

The first zipline involves the use of your hands. No, seriously. Just lean back and use the catcher’s mitt-like glove they give you, to hold on. Tighter the squeeze…the slower you go.

The idea is to just let gravity take over. Don’t squeeze. At least not yet. Enjoy the ride. A bird’s eye view like this is rare. Soak it in. As you get to the other side, you start to squeeze your hand. You’ll slow down, and that’s it.

Your first zipline in Cancun! Nice!

But don’t get too cocky yet…we’re just getting started.

2.       Cenote Zipline (Splish-Splash)

Now it’s time to let loose and have a splash. Literally. Put on a life vest. Then sit at the edge and hang on the bars.

Here’s a tip: Don’t jump!

It’s not the worst thing in the world if you do. It’s just not the best way. It bounces up harder than you’d expect.

Here’s the best way to zipline into a cenote. Just walk off. THEN…at the end, you do a flip. Or whatever you want. Doesn’t matter. You’re landing in the water either way.

This way, you stay in control of your excitement.

Still confused? Check this awesome video of Adam doing it right.


The superman at selvatica and cenote.

3.       Superman Zipline (I-believe-I-can-fly)

Come on. Just admit it. We’ve all felt this way before. We’ve all wanted to fly. You know? Like Superman. Soaring through the air and seeing everything.

Alas, we’re mere mortal humans. No wings. No feathers. No red cape.


The ultimate Superman simulation experience came around…better known as the Superman Zipline.

Get ready…because it’s your turn to go…FACE-first!

4.       The Upside-Down Zipline (Look-mom-no-hands!)

Ah yes. The upside down effect. Turn anything WAY cooler by doing one thing. Flipping it. Or reversing it.

Here’s an example. Walking upstairs? Boring. Walking upstairs on your HANDS? That’s viral.

Same principle applies to ziplining. Do it upside down. Trust me. You’ll see.

Ziplining upside is one the best ways to zipline in Cancun.

make an upsitedown in the jungle

5.       Tarzania (The CRAZY Human-Roller Coaster)

Finally! Drum roll, please. Yes. This is the moment we have all been waiting for patiently.

The BEST way to zipline in Cancun.

They call it Tarzania, The Human Roller-Coaster. This is no ordinary zipline. This goes left. Up. Down. Then back up again. Then right.

Tarzania really is zipline that’s more like a one-person roller-coaster.

And you can ONLY find it one place…

…Selvatica, Cancun’s #1 Adventure Park for 20 years.

You see? I told you those drunken spring-breakers are confused. Let’s face it. You can get hammered anywhere. And plus, you’re not going to remember any of it anyways.

But this? You’ll forever remember the day you conquered 5 EPIC ziplines in Cancun’s #1 Adventure Park, Selvatica. And don’t forget… THAT’s what Cancun’s truly all about.

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