Find the Best Zip Lines in Cancun in December [How to Guide]

Find the Best Zip Lines in Cancun in December [How to Guide]

Do you hate the winter?

Ok. Hate is a strong word. Winter has its benefits too. You get to go skiing, ice-skating and even make snowmen.

But let’s face it. Not everything about winter is lovely. What about Cancun in December.

There is...

  • Waking up extra early to scrape ice off your windshield
  • Having to put on gloves because your steering wheel is freezing cold
  • Shoveling snow out of your drive to back up your car
  • Driving on SUPER slippery roads
  • Or just walking on slushy sidewalks

You get the point.

And at first, everything is ok. It’s part of life. You don’t cry and whine about it. You just deal with it, because, well, that’s what everyone is doing around you.

But then you remember. Aah yes. Cancun in December! What a brilliant idea. This way you get to split up your winter in half. It’s almost like your own personal “winter halftime break.”

You know going to Cancun in December is the perfect way to recharge your batteries for the second half.
the best zipline in Cancun is in Selvatica

But why Cancun exactly? In other words, How’s the weather in Cancun in December?

Better yet…how’s the water temperature in Cancun in December? Because, well, that’s the whole point, right?

To answer that, we’ll consult Holiday Weather. There, they give us the average temperature in Cancun for the month of December. So what does it say? A pleasantly warm, but-not-too-hot 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cancun Weather Average Temperature in December

But what about at night?

Surely it must get cold at night in Cancun in December.

Nope. 70 degrees Fahrenheit at nighttime.

And the oceans?  81 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s not a typo. When you’re in Cancun in December, you just walk straight into the ocean. ZERO hesitation. ZERO adjustment period.

No shivers. No goosebumps. Just warm relaxation.

Imagine that!

Relaxing is great. But that gets old quick.

What sort of Cancun activities are exciting? Now you remember! Going on a Cancun zipline adventure!

But wait…How do you know who is the best zipline company in Cancun?

Here’s what you do. You go to the place that’s never had a zipline accident before. A Cancun zipline company that has a long reputation for safety and security. So how do you find that?

You Google “zipline cancun reviews”. Pick an authority you can trust, like Trip Advisor. Try to find the zipline company in Cancun with the highest ranking for outdoor activities in Cancun.

What did you find? You found that Selvatica Adventure Park is the #1 outdoor activity on Trip Advisor.

Where is the place to zipline in Cancun?

Where is the best place to zipline in Playa del Carmen?

Where is the best place to zipline in Quintana Roo?

The answer is all the same. It's Selvatica. Don’t believe me? Look at this review that just happened on Trip Advisor about Selvatica:


Check out the link here.

The evidence is clear: when it comes to ziplines in Cancun, Selvatica is the king of the jungle.

I mean, we practically invented the Cancun Extreme Zipline Canopy Tour. That’s a bold claim huh?

How can we be so sure? It’s easy actually. Selvatica has more experience than any other zipline company in Cancun. Selvatica has over 20 years of experience dealing with ziplines. We know what we’re doing here.

If you’re worried about things like “Cancun zipline weight limit”, Selvatica is the place to be. Why? Again, because we have the experience to deal with issues like this.

And what about the Selvatica ziplines?

We have the most diverse and entertaining ziplines in Cancun. Check it out.

  1. The Superman Zipline (fly face first!)
  2. The Upside Down Zipline (because…why not!?)
  3. The Cenote Zipline (ends with flip & a splash!)
  4. The Fast Zipline (squeeze to slow down, let go to zip quickly)
  5. The Human Roller Coaster Zipline (the ULTIMATE Cancun zipline)

The Best Part?

If you’re looking Selvatica Cancun discounts, you’ve come to the right place. Book online and get 10% Off the best zipline in Cancun.